Victate Summer ’12 Mainline Lookbook


Accompanying the Liberty Floral Sleeved T-shirts we featured last week, the Summer ’12 collection from Victate also includes it’s ‘mainline’ of printed tees. The brand produced a small lookbook for the collection, drafting in the boys from Ohana Fixed on modeling duties.

The new range includes three graphic tees – two colours in the brand’s ‘Heritage’ design and the ‘Victorious Floral’ which is the highlight. We’ve seen the Heritage before, but it’s nice to see it carry over as a mainline staple. The new design features the letter ‘V’ constructed from an intricate pattern of leaves and flowers, and sees Victate work with artist Fatima Khan once again. It also ties the printables in nicely with the Liberty floral tees.

As we’re used to seeing, Victate once again use a premium 230gsm, 100% cotton body, with extra attention paid to the construction, fit and print itself. As mentioned, the lookbook features London fixed gear crew Ohana Fixed as they ride the streets and some of London’s more scenic spots. As well as the mainline, it also incorporates the Heritage Snapbacks and Monogram Cardholder, also part of the Summer ’12 line. Everything featured is available now from Victate.

Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-2 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-3 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-4 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-5 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-6 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-7 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-8 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-9 Victate-Summer-12-Mainline-Lookbook-10

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Daryl

    Very good collection indeed and i am liking the way they used all the different races but whats up with the fixie bikes? they almost look nicer than the tees themselves!

  • Franka

    Real sick photos! Small but tight collection, love the intricate heritage graphic not just any old logo tee. Very cohesive as usual from Victate.

  • James

    that’s a tragic lookbook, team gay

  • Cal

    Nice collection! But whats with the fixed gear bikes ahah

  • whistle

    “drafting in the boys from Ohana Fixed on modeling duties.” … maybe the reason they are riding fixed, just maybe.

  • B

    it’s not enough anymore

  • Sean

    Yet another great collection. Victate going from strength to strength.

  • M1234

    Victate is sick, a nice concept rather than the usual ‘skate team’.

  • Dee dee

    I think victate have some clean designs and are starting to build a good brand , it will interesting to see the brand evolve,