Listen: Wattville – We Jostle [Sonic Router]

This week saw the second release from the trusty Sonic Router. The four track EP marks the debut for brummy producer Wattville.

There is no doubt the Sonic Router name is associated as a respected and trusty source for electronic musical opinion after the years of building their solid rep as an online blog. A few months ago they finally took the leap within the record industry and started a label with their first release from Torus. The Torus EP was a deep, down tempo, broken groove affair that sat with me very well. I wouldn’t say they played it overly safe for a new label in a world where others would come out guns blazing onto the dance floor, but lets face it, they didn’t need to. SR have the trust and respect to say “We’re gonna do things our way and if you want a percusive floor lead track we’ll do it in 002″ … and they have done it well.

The second serving from the label is Watville’s “We Jostle EP”. A bold, well rounded and pretty damn good release to say the least. “We Jostle”, “Etching” and “Clan” are three tracks that sit apart in their own right but certainly kick off a noticable sound for Watville. Vocal shouts echo through as a common feature throughout the EP to sit with extra attitude over the booting beats. It’s the track “Clan” that personally stands out. The level of Watville’s percussion sets standards here, in arrangement and mixdown he lays down drums that are pure pleasure to the ear. With the addition of the “Clan Overdub” by Archie Pelago, the EP is given an extra dynamic as Jazz style horns weave through the percussion like a snake being charmed hypnotically, injecting great musicallity into a floor heavy EP.

Sonic Router are renowned in bringing relatively fresh artists to the forefront and this is something that definately has transpired into their label and is evident in this EP. “We Jostle” is out now over at Boomkat. Listen to clips below.

Luke Pinot

Co-founder of music blog Bass Ache and an active part of Bristol's music scene, Luke manages our mixtape series as well as contributing to other areas of The Daily Street.

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