“Adding Colour” by Dominic Wilcox for Triwa


Triwa have enlisted artist Dominic Wilcox to create this miniature scene of a building site where Triwa watches are being constructed.

When you think how small some of the parts of a watch are, then see them in these shots looking pretty big, it’s almost mind blowing. London based artist Dominic Wilcox has crafted three scenes where he has imagined a world where a secret workforce of tiny little men build watches for Triwa. The first scene is the outdoor raw materials delivery are, followed by the workshop and finally the showroom, where tiny men polish giant watches.

Not only are the tiny workmen impressive, but their machinery as well. What truly impresses is the precise use of depth-of-field in the photography to capture a life-like scene where the viewer can truly embrace the idea that these are normal people building giant watches. There’s endless entertainment in these scenes.

Expect to see a full review of the AW12 collection from Triwa on the site very soon.

Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-01 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-02 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-04 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-05 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-06 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-07 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-08 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-09 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-10 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-11 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-12 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-13 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-14 Triwa-Adding-Colour-by-Dominic-Wilcox-15

Alex Synamatix

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  • Ed

    so sick

  • O

    Great concept. Shit watch.

  • Ted

    Creative and cool. Will done.

  • D-Money

    ^ haha ^

  • Ludde

    Love the watches and the concept!