Cottonopolis “Acid Rambling Association” T-shirts


It’s been a while since we last heard from Oi Polloi’s in house brand Cottonopolis, but they’re back with these three acid inspired t-shirts.

Back in July last year we introduced you to Cottonpolis as they announced themselves to the world. Since then they’ve had the occasional drop, with quite a variation in product. Here we see them put out their first ever t-shirts (almost the reverse of most brand’s growth) with an Acid Rambling Association theme and a strong connection to Manchester’s history with acid.

All three t-shirts feature tie-dye, with two being completely immersed in the pattern and one featuring it on the rear underneath a print to great effect. The colour palette has been incredibly well selected and keeps things bright without being unwearable. Each tee features an Acid Rambling Association logo on the breast with a different, larger design on the back. The strange combination of styles including surfer, hiking and 90’s acid rave has a distinct charm and works surprisingly well together.

The tees were hand printed and dyed by SAVWO (Savage Wolf) and were made for Project O’s “The Acid Rambler” exhibition at 71a Gallery in London. Limited to 20 pieces per design, these are never to be re-printed, so if you want one, hurry because they are already sold out of several sizes.

Head over to Oi Polloi where you can grab one (if you’re lucky) for £35 a pop.

Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-09 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-10 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-11 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-12 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-13 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-14 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-15 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-16 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-01 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-02 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-03 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-04 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-05 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-06 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-07 Cottonpolis-Acid-Rambling-Association-T-Shirt-08

Alex Synamatix

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  • Chris Airplays

    Great concept and execution

  • Andrew

    No time for the tie-dye but the crows print is a big look


    The best collection of tees in 2012, hands down.