Download: Anchorsong – Darkrum (Throwing Snow Jungle Remix)


Throwing Snow has crafted a mean Jungle remix of Anchorsong’s track Darkrum and it’s a free download. We think this photo sums it up well.

Taking the original and warping it into a sample heavy, broken Jungle track, Throwing Snow displays just how versatile a talent he is with this one. It still retains a lot of the orchestral styling of the sort of music that Ross Tones is putting out at the moment, but shifts it into a genre that we rarely see him operate within. A spasmodic and often chaotic piece of work, the track still seems to flow effortlessly and hold a sense of delicacy. Somehow Throwing Snow manages to make his tracks pretty dark without them being inaccessible and this remix is a great example of that.

Have a listen below and make your way over to FACT where they have the exclusive on the download.

The full release from Anchorsong, including this remix, comes out on Tuesday on Tru Thoughts.

Photography: Maya Manwaring

Alex Synamatix

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