Jilted Royalty Summer 2012 Drop 1


Jilted Royalty return for Summer with another familiarly dark collection. The ‘all seeing eye’ graphic is the centrepiece, making it’s way onto tees, zip-hoods and snapbacks, and is joined by two other re-workings of Jilted Royalty logos.

The ‘All Seeing’ graphic appears printed in white on the back of black tees and embroidered onto the back of the zip-up hoods. Both pieces feature extra details like woven labels on the T-shirt sleeves and hem, embroidered patches on hoody sleeves, and custom zipper-pulls, hood-string tips & button snaps. These are the details we’ve come to expect from Jilted, and once again are executed exceptionally well. The All Seeing snapback completes the range featuring similar embroidered details on the front and both sides.

Two other T-shirt design are also available – a ‘torn’ re-working of the JR logo, and a camo make up of the JR skull, available in white and black respectively. The white logo tee is definitely the most Summery option by a long way, but there is plenty more to come over the next few weeks, including vests, crewnecks, a sleeveless hood, 5 panel caps, socks and boxers, as well as items for women and kids.

Jilted Royalty are doing things in a big way, and ‘though it may not be to everyone’s tastes, I can’t fault their efforts in design and quality, and they’re amassing an every growing army of followers with each release. Summer Drop 1 is available now online from Jilted Royalty and in-store at The Candy Store.


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Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • logic

    quality looks well on point x

  • whistle

    so many slick details, outstanding.

  • Scott

    Quality is great again, i just dont feel any of the designs at all.

  • dm

    You can knock the designs all you like, you can dislike the style and you don’t have to buy a single thing, but I really don’t think anybody can say that JR aren’t leading the way in terms of quality, detailing and the art of presenting your product as an entire brand and concept. Really impressive.

    The all-seeing eye has been done a few times and is a bit tired, but that camo-mosaic pattern is both simple, innovative (on the camo trend) and well-designed. The detailed hem tags are all clear and high-quality as well. No complaints as far as this brand goes, considering how consistent they really are. All I hope is that they will inspire a whole variety of British designers to break the mould and start pushing the envelope along with them.

  • Jamie

    JR is up there with MISHKA for utter quality garments that last. Some of the designs are a bit dark, but then theres the white JR tee – simple effective and growing the brand. I’m down in Bristol and compared to Andwot and other regional streetwear brands JR is Streets ahead.

  • M1234

    I agree with DM, the camo mosaic pattern is on point. Nice to see someone FINALLY putting their own twist on overused styles.

  • http://www.soldoutshit.com Sold Out Shit

    Detailing is nice

  • a

    Cant knock the quality JR come out with. levels are set very high.

  • dannyweed

    this is terrible.

  • Kritic

    Its great the quality is there, but you got to ask yourself, would you actually wear any of this? If not then the quality doesn’t matter…

  • angrybirdshater

    Forget the designs and everything else, Iv only seen it worn by CHAVS from Birmingham (kings heath sides loads of jr fans who cant dress) and only them – saw a kid wearing a lacoste tracksuit with a jr snap and that said it all for me…..

  • kida

    good quality but the designs kinda look like they should be in JD sports but over all i rate the brand got some real roots

  • Wake Up

    (Always so many hating people on DS its a joke, every blog from ANY BRAND and someone has to talk some sort of crap about it, I wouldn’t mind but 90% of the comments have no substance to them what so ever and people obviously dont do their homework before they leave their 2 pence opinions!)
    Im from Birmingham and yes I agree there are things JR have released that I wouldn’t wear and the owner Jay Read seems very public about his previous activities which is not to everybody’s taste and in-turn may make people dislike JR!
    As far as his brand goes nothing bad can be said about what he is doing and if anything he should be given credit for where he has taken the brand in such a short time!
    > Kritic = It isn’t to *your* liking and thats fine its your opinion, but to thousands of other people it is and yes the quality is awesome and on par with any of the top brands from around the world.
    > angrybirdshater = Birmingham? Mate come on! His brand is international ive seen him working across Europe, America + Australia and has planned collaborations with Rogue Status, Black Scale, Adidas and many others, what other UK streetwear brand has managed that? NON!
    He doesn’t look like a chav to me so why would he be making chav clothing? He cant control who wears his clothing nor can any other brand! Do your homework mate, Jealousy will eat away at you!
    You have seen a couple of things you dislike and quickly made your decision about the brand, I only own 1 JR Tshirt its not really my thing but I do read his blog posts and I know the background of his life (as he has told it), people who know about Jay Read and Jilted Royalty know and relate to it so much that many have had Jilted tattoos and follow the brands every movement. Maybe if you looked into it you would understand the brand and the background a little better and appreciate what he has created, if you like the designs or not he has started a movement that in no time at all has spread worldwide with a cult type following! ….Say no more!
    People can hate Jilted Royalty all they want but they show no sign of stopping anytime soon and Jay Read doesn’t seem like the kind of man to let what others think get in his way, I wish him all the best!

  • Gaz Brooks

    A dark brand and a dark bloke!
    Not to everyones liking but you wouldn’t understand it unless you’ve been in it!
    Skate park closes soon, stop wasting time on your moms computer!

  • q

    Quality without a valid and original thing to say. Yes the quality is on point but I feel as though the design aspect needs work, I’m not hating, this is a learning curve for everyone. Even people that are getting exposure and shifting product. I feel as though now JR has the manufacture and exposure DOWN, Jay and whoever else is behind Jilted need to sit down and brainstorm HEAVILY and work making the designs better and more original. Oh and yeah angrybirdshater, chavs in brum do wear Jilted but how on earth can you possibly stop that from happening? and furthermore. Why would you want to? Streetwear is all about Mish Mash and styles bridging gaps. Maybe this could be a good thing? Maybe not? we can only tell in time I guess

  • Wake Up

    Like I said, if you know the background of his brand/life you would know that there are very VALID and ORIGINAL things he is saying and EVERY DESIGN (barr the logo based designs) have an innuendo behind them, all relating to him/his life.
    If you dont like him or cannot relate to the life he has lead then its more than likely that you wont like the brand!
    I doubt JR would be working with some of the best brands in the streetwear game if the brand didn’t have solid roots and thats easy to see if you take 5 minuted and look!
    Gaz Brooks > “Not to everyones liking but you wouldn’t understand it unless you’ve been in it!”
    I myself havant been ‘in it’ I lead a normal 9-5 lifestyle, I dont think being ‘in it’ is anything to be proud of do you?!
    I dont really like his tattoos I think its a little wild but thats his thing and he should be rated not hated for being such an individual and literally LIVING FREE.
    Initially I didn’t like him but reading through his past blogs I catch the drift of what his life has been about and I feel it all relates perfectly to the innuendos he makes through his designs! They use some illuminati references which have been rinsed out but as he says in 1 interview, “…Ye I sometimes use illuminati symbolism because aesthetically people instantly recognise it, but as everybody knows I am completely anti establishment and dont acknowledge the law etc, what I am insinuating through these designs is that we, The Jilted Family are the New World Order, we are our own community/government, we dont need to acknowledge the people ‘in charge’ and become sheep like 90% of society we do whatever we want whenever we want! Your born to this earth a free spirt, its just that as you grow up the government bit by bit takes away that freedom and society grooms you into leading you life in a certain way…”
    Maybe JR need to push their blog more so people can get a feel for what Jilted is about, that way people may understand the designs more!

  • Danny

    @wake up this is a review/blog site – not every brnd gets slated / criticised as much as this one. I’m just saying ???

  • Lucien

    This is really ridiculous,
    once a brand is slated on this site it’s put down to the angry readers,
    look at the palace / broken teeth / enclave / fucknfilthy / y’oh / t shirt party / african apparel stuff that gets posted, is that ever slated? No it isn’t, because it’s all good, consistent & forward thinking product from independent UK brands.
    Look at posts about whyme? / Jilted Royalty / Dark Nature / ownly own co. etc etc etc. & they’re all slated, why? Is it because the blog readers are all massive dickheads? No, it’s because the clothing they’re making just isn’t cutting the mustard, it’s dated, it’s too on trend, it’s badly designed & it’s nothing interesting,
    It’s not good on a local or international level & that’s just it.

    Fans / aficionados of streetwear know what’s up, many people who buy into this subculture don’t really have a clue & blame negative reviews on the audience of the site, but it’s the bad clothes that make for bad comments, not a negative audience.

    This stuff just isn’t good enough, fair play for trying but it’s just not great.
    There are 7 or 8 brands to look out for in the uk, other then that it’s disappointing efforts from dozens & dozens of other brands in my opinion.

  • dm

    I personally feel that Jilted Royalty are one of the better-faring brands on this website when their posts come up. The general concensus is that it’s not to everybody’s tastes but the product will sell to somebody because it is well made and has a definable appeal; you personally might not like the designs but you’d concede that somebody probably would, so there must be some merit in the design efforts, just not necessarily in the originality department.

    It’s cool to have discussions on these websites because the brand owners DO read the posts and they DO take notes, but if you just rant about the label and how you could do it so much better, what reason do they have to take your advice to win your custom? Surely it would be better to just stick with their faithful formula and customers?

    And yeh, you can’t stop people from wearing labels. You can hate the people, you can hate them for wearing the label, but you can’t blame the label for the people.

  • District9

    I NEVER comment on TDS but agree with lucien – he’s making a valid point. Gotta love it when people talk sense

  • G

    Everybody has so much to say dont they, well tell me 1 thing what is the name of your brand? Your obviously a profesional designer with years of experience from all the knowledge you have so tell me so I can go check out your latest line?
    “..disappointing efforts from dozens & dozens of other brands in my opinion”
    Yes Lucien, you said it yourself, IN YOUR OPiINION! Do you know the background meaning of any of the designs? do you understand they are all based around a ‘Jilted’ ‘Royalty’ lifestyle? ..Do you even know what them 2 words mean and why the brand is called that?
    Palace + Y’OH dont have 1 man running them they have a large experienced team behind them and they have been in the industry for a lot more that two years! The quality + attention to detail on Jilted products is as good as can be for your basic streetwear garments, tees, snaps, hoodys, sweats etc so there is nothing to say about the quality they are *many steps ahead* of any two year old brand!
    “it’s too on trend, it’s badly designed & it’s nothing interesting”
    As far as the designs go they are not at all *on trend* JR is a brand all in itself based around one thing, the life of the owner. I think being *on trend* is not something they focus on and instead are selling a lifestyle, not to everyones taste I agree but he is doing what no other in the UK has and the brand is real, the innuendos are based on facts and true past events, you only have to read some of the entries on his blog to realise this!
    Badly designed? Everything ive seen that Jilted has released have been sharp and clean graphics, maybe he should start using cannabis leafs on his designs and throw in a few flowers then maybe you’d wear it!?
    Other brands may be *on trend* because they follow trends and what is ‘in and now’, Jilted is a lifestyle and the designs are telling a story, its not going to be interesting to you is it because you know nothing about the brands background and are merely judging them from your dislike of the designs based on a purely visual basis!
    People do not do their homework before commenting on DS posts and are so quick to state their opinion with no background knowledge of the brand they are commenting on!
    If there is one brand at the moment that needs to be looked into before comments are made then it is Jilted Royalty, the brand has deeper roots than many people may realise!

  • dm

    I’m happy to step in and provide a measured analysis of JR and the brand, but I’m struggling with their fanbase.

  • Dee.dee

    Designs aren’t all that tbh JR have built a strong brand and following which I fully rate. however I agree with the top comments designs are not the best, I’m not hating just expressing my opionion.

  • BBall

    Wake up & G sound like the same record. Obvs every1 here entitled to an opinion , but we share what we feel is streetwear like it or lump it.

  • ads

    its the UK black scale! thats it summed up.

  • Lucien

    1. “Palace + Y’OH dont have 1 man running them they have a large experienced team behind them and they have been in the industry for a lot more that two years!”

    Y’oh is run by one girl, and is in it’s first year of production, palace is run by one man, albeit they have a strong crew behind them but it’s one mans brand, and definitely not an “experienced team” it’s a group of skaters having fun & making some really nice stuff.

    2. The Quality.

    Listen, I respect that the quality is great, that’s a good start, but the designs / lookbooks / website / marketing are not up to scratch.

    3. “but he is doing what no other in the UK has and the brand is real, the innuendos are based on facts and true past events, you only have to read some of the entries on his blog to realise this!”

    I respect that the dude has had an intense life & interesting stories to tell, but that doesn’t make me want to buy clothing I don’t like, and clothing that isn’t particularly good, to say that he is “doing what no other in the uk has” just doesn’t make sense either, considering there are dozens of independent brands in the UK who are entering into the world of cut & sew and trying to make really nice quality products.

    4. “its not going to be interesting to you is it because you know nothing about the brands background and are merely judging them from your dislike of the designs based on a purely visual basis!’

    I shouldn’t have to, I respect brands with an element of history, brands who came from somewhere & rose from a respected culture but that is not the be all & end all. Y’OH have no background in the sense that they rose from a movement, but they are still fucking sick. Palace have a strong background & are deeply rooted in the london skate scene, but that’s not enough to make me want to support them, if their clothes weren’t good I wouldn’t buy them.
    I buy stuff because i like it, not because of the people behind it, and If you support a brand because of the person behind it you’re a sheep.

    I know it sucks to be slated on the internet, but this is all truth.
    Take it in & learn from it.

  • S1

    While you all on here arguing mans globetrotting make PPPP!
    UK black Scale, sumin to be proud of bruv, collabs gonna be ILL!

  • dm

    ^ I really think that puts this to bed, right everyone? 😉

  • S1

    = Jealous Envy!

  • simon p


    Simple chavs from Kings heath & erdignton wear jilted royalty. Only loyalty is the chaviness….


  • redrabbit

    just saw this drop review now, i feel i have to say that you dont need to be a hairdresser to get a haircut, you dont need to be a dentist to have a filling , so that means readers dont need to be designers or brand owners to comment ! if wake up + g = probably jay read let readers comment then it would have put to bed ages ago. guys got a brand yeh dont see why hes gotta defend it to online warriors, makes jay read look weak !