Jilted Royalty Summer 2012 Drop 2


Straight after the first drop last week, Jilted Royalty are back with the second of their Summer releases. Drop 2 includes a New Era made snapback cap, the Domination vest, and JR branded white socks.

I know many aren’t fans of New Era’s 9Fifty snapback shape – for me it was a bit ‘too little, too late’ with the larger crown of the fitted cap not really lending itself to the snapback style. That said, it’s good to see JR widen their options in headwear, and the black Jilted snapbacks look to be very well made, just as we’d expect from the headwear manufacturer. The black Domination vest adds a definite dose of Summer, custom made in the UK with screen-printed, embroidered patch and woven label details. Finally, the JR sports socks finish it off as another great example of something which other UK brands just aren’t doing.

There’s been plenty of discussion in the comments on the Drop 1 post about the brand. For most it’s become a battle of style vs quality – the latter being unmistakable, but perhaps a bolder style of streetwear just not to everyone’s taste. Whatever your take, JR are definitely doing their own thing and doing it well. Summer Drop 2 is available along with drop 1 from Jilted Royalty online, and in store at The Candy Store.

Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-1 Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-2 Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-3 Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-4 Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-5 Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-6 Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-7 Jilted-Royalty-Summer-2012-Drop-2-8

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • q

    Oh dear, here we go again

    inb4 shitstorm of comments

  • knife-edge

    dude is sooooooo terrible. because – hes got a cyst or some disease thing in his left eye / eye brow AND hes ALWAYS in the same pose. DETAL DOES looks good but same cant apply it to the models. vest looks like it was done by a kid – caps the only decent looking thing but hope it dont come with free cyst?

  • simon p

    Nothing but a chav who thinks this is streetwear, covering yourself in tattoo’s doesnt make it a brand.
    What on earth possessed you to tattoo your eyebrows??? Look very feminine, maybe you should shoot the womens wear yourself.

  • DC

    Nice! Into the personal insults now, so many idiots on TDS its unreal. Keyboard warriors, I wonder if any of you would say those things to his face? Don’t like the style? fine say so, but don’t start bashing peoples personal features from the safety of your computer screen, its just beyond pathetic.

    I think Jilted are doing great things for the demographic they appeal to, I personally like alot of what they produce, its done well, and consistent to how they want their brand to develop.

    Keep it going JR.

  • M1234

    Really feeling the clothes but why oh why get your face so heavily tattooed?

  • Scott

    You cant knock the quality though! Absolutely cannot. I think the majority of the opinions on here now, are not even opinions, it’s just a bunch of people putting there two pence in because they think it’ll stand out to dislike.
    Okay, its a brand and a set of products i wont personally wear, but the ethic, and key to detail behind JR is clearly evident. In this selection of photos, and previous in the other blog post.
    Whether or not people believe it’s streetwear or not is their opinion. I personally think Jay has pushed a product to its highest standard before it’s even fully taken off… Surely that’s something to be proud of by anyone. I for one wish i had the options, suppliers and most importantly the funding to produce products of its highest qualiity within a small birth time.
    Fairplay to Jay and JR.

  • a

    who cares about the models or what tattoos people have or anything. it doesnt make a difference to the clothing or products any brand put out.
    people that comment on TDS aways have somthing negative to say. ALWAYS.


    This blog used to be, and sometimes still is, a place for good constructive criticism and debate about streetwear in all its different forms. But it has to be said that over the last few months its evident that some of the people posting comments are increasingly either just there to troll, or display some quite uneducated and ignorant comments about whatever the post is. I dunno if that boils down to an increased readership with some people new to the scene, or just a few rogue immature dickheads who think they know it all, but it is becoming tiresome.

    The comments should be a place for discussion, viewpoints, sharing information and a bit of wit and banter where necessary. Lets not let this go the way of the HB comments section where its just endless streams of hate.

    Me personally, the design of the Jilted Royalty drops isn’t for me – I prefer stuff a little more subtle – but that doesn’t mean I don’t give credit where its due. I can fully appreciate the time, workmanship and attention to detail that has gone into producing the items, and for that I salute it. I for one would like to see his thought and design process behind certain pieces. They are clearly doing something different, and doing it well it some aspects.

    As for dissing Jay, soem people need to do a bit of research before they comment.
    Jay has been in and about this scene from early and is one of the deepest and unique cats you will meet.
    To say he is ‘any tattoed chav’ is completely missing the point.


    Hang tight Scott as well, completely agree with you mate. Co-sign.

  • dm

    The entire scene has suffered from an influx of morons as of late. Fortunately they identify themselves quickly enough that you can disregard everything that they have to say before you actually start convincing yourself that that Obey tank top really does look swag.

  • redrabbit

    oh dear, even if i did like the garms i would not want to be linked with that. it/he seems very attention seeking. i would apply that to benny gold, 10deep and any other brand aswell not just coz its jilted royalty. we all have a tough life!

  • a

    TDS mods….you should think about not approving the BS comments…the ones that are just dissing and not worth while…even edit the bs..other wise, you dont need to let posts hang for approval.

  • Suffocake

    @a: the comment approval is really just to try and prevent anything irrelevant, offensive, or spam that isn’t caught by the filter making it’s way through. What we might see as a ‘BS’ comment might be someone’s genuine opinion, no matter how ill-informed, un-supported or obscure… we try to let people have their say even if we might disagree with their point of view!

  • http://420mansion.tumblr.com 420mansion

    This is very Cali styled clothing, which I don’t think has a market in the UK. I quite liked the different colours used on the snapback strip, but I think the designs are very standard and boring.


    you can’t get anywhere doing the same as your peers, creating a brand isn’t about appealing to everyone. There need to be brands like JR in this game and i saying that with no face tattoos. Also they can scare away the snap back douches back to the high street to get their new mike giant rip-off vest

  • e11even

    Quality is key here, and thats something lacking in a lot of the UK brands, JR is obviously not out there to make quick money. The time and effort put in to crafting quality garments will be rewarded in kind.

  • Jamie

    i’d love to see the haters go to Candy Store or Kingstanding and chat this sh1t to jays face!

    Brave brave people tapping on a keyboard…

  • dm

    After a browse on the J.R. Website I think it would be a good idea for people personally attacking Jay Read to visit the J.R. Blog and scroll down to his post about Dean aka ‘Tiny’. Real recognise real, this brand is doing cool things, that’s enough from me.


    @ DM
    just been on the site and read the tiny blog . JR is a sound lad! , everyone should have a read if they get time here’s the link

  • FrontlineT

    Who wears snapbacks anymore.very late to the game, the designs not executed well enough – don’t matter how the quality is, if it looks that crap I wouldn’t rock it. Really way too simple, don’t seem like enough details gone into the design. Yeh the quality seems it. Might aswell write OBEY on the snap!!! Don’t think anyone would notice !

  • q

    I wrote the first comment and I’m here to chime in again. Like a few of you, jilted isn’t for me but I have spoken to jay numerous times and pop in Candy from time to time, he’s genuinely a sound bloke and always makes time for you and he’s a respectful dude. so slagging him off/the shots is just trolling and unnecessary, next time 😉 put a link to your photo shoot and show us how it’s done.


  • damageink

    Bottom line, Jilted Royalty make really quality gear, sure not to everyone’s taste but then surely thats a good thing, who wants to be in what every other scenester is wearing.

    The real thing that makes Jilted the best is Jay, he gives a shit about his customers and takes care of the in a lot of ways and that is why he has really loyal purchasers, I always find at least a couple of things in his drops I like.

  • aaa

    qaulity gear? Just because someone says its qaulity doesnt mean it is.
    He gets thread press to make his stuff yes they are good printers but its a sweat shop ive seen for myself. He goes about saying he puts the details in but hes based in birmingham and thread press is in leicester. Its very obvious this is a campaign run by someone clever and jay is the face of it. Boring designs over used in each drop.