Lavenham x Kenzo Quilted Reversible Jacket


Lavenham couldn’t be more on point with their collaborations and this latest one with legendary Japanese fashion house Kenzo is no disappointment.

Known for their bold styles and shows in the 70s and 80s, Kenzo quickly entered the realms of fashion legend. However, when their design director and founder Kenzo Takada left the company in 1993, things went a bit pear shaped. Brought back from the proverbial ashes by the LA design duo behind Opening Ceremony, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the brand has been given a new lease of life.

Continuing the tradition of bold patterns and eccentric design, the newly reborn Kenzo is drawing deep from it’s rich past. This collaboration with Lavenham is a great meeting of two rather different minds. In their traditional forms, both brands are nearly opposites; Lavenham is a very functional, understated brand and product, whereas Kenzo’s design is quite literally the opposite. So it’s great to see the two worlds coming together so effortlessly. With a reversible format, you can pick if you want to go the more understated Lavenham side, or the more loud Kenzo side. It’s also nice to see Kenzo representing traditional British aesthetics in this collaboration with the use of a loose paisley print.

This jacket couldn’t be more perfect. Not only that, but with it’s reversible qualities, it’s incredibly practical. Head over to oki-ni to grab one for £400.

Lavenham-Kenzo-Quilted-Reversible-Jacket-02 Lavenham-Kenzo-Quilted-Reversible-Jacket-03 Lavenham-Kenzo-Quilted-Reversible-Jacket-04 Lavenham-Kenzo-Quilted-Reversible-Jacket-05

Alex Synamatix

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