S.E.H Kelly Ventile Mac (Charcoal / Dark Green)


S.E.H Kelly remain one of our favourite British brands with the  introduction of their Ventile Mac in two colours; charcoal and dark green.

This brand is all about quality over quantity. They release items rather infrequently, but when they do, they are incredible. It’s nice to see the brand continuing to grow and to push themselves with new materials, production techniques and items of clothing. This rain mac is made from Ventile and therefore heavily waterproof and windproof. On top of that, ventile has a beautifully matte appearance that is very soft to the touch.

This mac sees the cleanliness of S.E.H Kelly design executed to perfection. The effortlessly clean exterior with it’s raglan sleeves, oversized pockets, crisp collar and real horn buttons makes for a timeless addition to any wardrobe. Being made from ventile cotton means that this jacket won’t crease and will be incredibly hard wearing. It looks smart and fragile, but functions more like a rough and ready item of clothing.

Created in two colours, both with a charcoal wool-melton lining, this British made Ventile mac is available now from S.E.H Kelly for £345.

SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-01 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-03 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-04 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-05 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-02 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-09 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-08 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-06 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Charcoal-07 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-01 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-03 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-04 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-05 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-02 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-08 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-06 SEH-Kelly-Ventile-Rainproof-Mac-Dark-Green-07

Alex Synamatix

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