A Kind Of Guise Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection


German menswear brand A.K.O.G (A Kind Of Guise) treat us to some fantastic shirts for the coming colder months with their Autumn/Winter collection for 2012. With all shirts handmade using local materials and assembled in Munich, the brand, whose first collection was made out of leftover medicine balls, has grown into one of my favourites for understated quality gear in Europe.

All of the shirts are finished to perfection. Priced at just over £100 they are slightly more expensive than your average shirt, but you’re paying for the attention to detail. My favourite of the A/W collection is the ‘Carpathian’ shirt, which mixes the classic styles of a fitted shirt with contemporary woven styles. The underside of the collar features two interesting embroidered triangular panels which finish the whole thing off with a touch of class.

The new collection is available now exclusively from Open Lifestyle, with prices ranging from £115 to £135. For a further look you can also check out the lookbook for the season at A Kind Of Guise.

A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-29 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-13 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-11 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-15 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-30 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-17 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-19 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-20 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-31 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-23 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-22 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-32 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-25 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-26 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-27 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-3 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-1 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-5 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-28 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-7 A-Kind-Of-Guise-Autumn-Winter-9

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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    Some real nice clobber.

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    Quality Clothing