Celtic Football Club 125th Anniversary Kit


Celtic Football Club celebrate their 125th anniversary with this commemorative replica kit.

Created on a Sunday in 1887, eight men in Glasgow probably didn’t predict quite what they were starting when they met up in St. Mary’s Church. 125 years later and Nike have crafted this replica kit from the team’s very first match on May 28th back in 1888. A few modern tweaks of course; more modern materials (recycled polyester) and a slightly updated version of the club’s original celtic cross crest. Each kit is actually crafted from up to thirteen plastic water bottles, reducing it’s production energy consumption by 30%. A nice touch.

The kit will be available as of October 2nd from Nike.

Also, check out the short, informative video about the club’s history at the bottom of this post.

Celtic-Football-Club-125th-Anniversary-Kit-02 Celtic-Football-Club-125th-Anniversary-Kit-03 Celtic-Football-Club-125th-Anniversary-Kit-04 Celtic-Football-Club-125th-Anniversary-Kit-05

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