DC Shoes UK open “skateable” showroom


DC Shoes have refitted their showroom in Newquay, giving it a skateable design that features a bowl.

It’s always good to see a brand truly embracing their roots in everything they do, so to see a bowl built into a showroom for DC is a good look. It looks like a nice, whippy little bowl as well. The entire showroom has been decked out in similar wooden decor to match the new addition and there are some suspiciously skateable looking handrails going down that stair set as well.

I feel both envious and sorry for the employees of DC Shoes who have to work in this new environment; either they have to look at a really nice bowl all day and not skate it, or they skate it and get no work done. I think I’d chose the latter.

DC Shoes

DC-Shoes-UK-Skateable-Showroom-Bowl-01 DC-Shoes-UK-Skateable-Showroom-Bowl-03 DC-Shoes-UK-Skateable-Showroom-Bowl-04

Alex Synamatix

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  • M1234

    Great idea.

  • http://treacleclothing.co.uk bob

    sick looking shop.

  • http://www.astridboys.com traxx

    pulley, third pic down..