Introducing: KNOWN


This week Swindon’s KNOWN make their debut. Crafting simple and straight-forward streetwear, KNOWN’s line of tees, crewneck sweatshirts and snapback caps is a strong combo of clean graphics, typography and illustration.

KNOWN make no secret of the influence and inspiration of their peers – those who are ‘known’ for the streetwear legacy they created. It’s something the brand might not want to stick too closely too though, as some of the simple box logos and the cartoon style illustrations could be considered quite similar to other brands, but nonetheless the collection as a whole offers plenty to be desired.

The clean graphic and type work that features on the ‘All Day’, ‘Nation’ and ‘Wordwide’ tees are what makes this count – there’s not enough in the box logos and too much in some of the MAD cartoons for me. It’s good to see how well prints and materials have been used throughout though, with each print crisp and well-executed, and the T-shirt and crewneck bodies looking great. It helps when it’s all presented well too, with clean photography and a functional website.

There’s lots of room to grow here, but KNOWN have started well. Check out the collection below and make your purchases through KNOWN Worldwide now.

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Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • C-Stylez

    Why do the logos look photoshopped on?

  • OGG

    looks dope

  • BeatsBassNBears

    Love the graphics, font, and cleanness of the collection. Hope the quality of the prints and garms matches that of the fresh designs. Best of luck to the Known crew!

  • Moustache

    Look too similar to the old TOOMUCHPOSSE drop

  • og

    always on it lol
    So theres a palace, obey,hundreds and huf rip offs hmmm

  • Strictly

    Nice collection, Is that Ed Scissortongue in the promo shots?

  • MkFIVE

    I got the “Worldwide” tee the other day… great quality materiels, print and fit.

  • B

    stopped reading at swindon

  • M1234

    Really like these designs

  • Pappa Smurf

    … very original.


  • M

    Nice crisp designs here. Decent enough for a stating of intentions. Hope going forward they move away from the ‘influenced’ type pieces and more toward some of the more original typography bits.

    As for the dude above me that said he stopped reading after ‘Swindon’ what an ass clown- location doesnt dictate shit homie.

  • Dee-an

    Dope garms, yeah man that Scissortongue fo sho.

    Known crew are on the right beats tip!

  • B

    @M…it’s the same cliched stuff that comes out of every UK town. ‘Streetwear’ for streetwears sake/overdesigned/no innovation. What on earth even is that skull and bones thing?!

  • M

    @B…Not hating on your opinion bro, totally appreciate each to their own and all that. But writing off something solely because of the location it came from?

    Im not feeling the ‘character’ pieces either. But I do like the written pieces, looks crispy and clean. The ‘All Day Every Day’ and the ‘Worldwide’ stand out, i think theres good potential here.

  • IP Man

    Worldwide from Swindon. HAHAHA!!!

  • masterbeatsanalyst

    simple but effective clothing definitely a winner especially this summer/ autumn!! p.s ed scissortongue is so hott!!

  • Screwface

    “stopped reading at swindon” looool #pain