Less AW12 Caps


Taiwan brand Less make it to the UK with this drop of 5 panels and snapbacks with luxurious detailing.

Less is actually a streetwear store based in the Tai-Chung city of Taiwan, but here we get to take a look at the store’s in-house brand, via their headwear. Patterned 5 panels are not exactly hard to come by at the moment, but there’s something about these ones that works, making them stand out from the plethora of average headwear.

The camo 5 panels are a real stand out piece, only mildly let down by their very Norse Projects influenced tab on the front. This aside, it doesn’t stop them from being a great product. The floral peak 5’s are also a nice option and the materials on the peak and cap compliment each other nicely. Another highlight from this drop has to be the fruit pattern snapback with it’s bold colours and tonal branding. It’s pretty wild, but still manages to maintain an element of class. For the more classically streetwear inclined, there are the snakeskin peak snapbacks with an old school baseball aesthetic to them (apart from the snakeskin obviously).

It’s always nice to see new brands enter the UK, and we’re promised to be seeing more of this brand in the form of t-shirts, shirts and jackets in the near future. Head over to Urban Industry where you can pick up these caps now.

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Alex Synamatix

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  • http://illography.tumblr.com ~~~~~

    language barrier? ‘less is simple’ ‘less but better’ ??? sounds really silly

  • dm

    Nice enough and they seem to have really gone all out making sure they are spotless for the photos. Brilliantly presented and everything looks very nicely made, but can’t take them as anything more than what they are, more of the same, but a nice lot of the same nonetheless.

  • HT


    Well presented and probably great caps, but seriously, are any more caps like this really needed now? who keeps buying them :S

  • yolo…feckoff

    HT your dam right ! To many out… not needed!

  • pax

    Caps look alright, but I’d never buy a cap with LESS on the front.