A.P.C. Camo Parka des Neiges


As part of their AW12 collection, A.P.C. have created this epic camouflage Parka des Neiges jacket.

A.P.C. are without a doubt one of the best brands on the market currently and it’s a title well earned by their effortless design and exceptional quality. This Parka des Neiges is the brand’s take on a classic parka jacket that will see you well equipped for the cold Winter ahead. Luxurious detailing such as the faux-sheepskin lined hood and Teflon-coated satin lining bring that A.P.C. luxury to a not-so-A.P.C. looking piece of outerwear.

It’s nice to see the Parisian brand putting their hand to some classic military outerwear and doing it unsurprisingly well. This jacket isn’t cheap, but that is also expected with this brand. You get what you pay for.

Coming in at £690 this parka is for the ballers. The rest of us will just have to appreciate it in these pictures. Head over to oki-ni to check it out in full.

APC-Camo-Parka-des-Neiges-02 APC-Camo-Parka-des-Neiges-03 APC-Camo-Parka-des-Neiges-04 APC-Camo-Parka-des-Neiges-05 APC-Camo-Parka-des-Neiges-06

Alex Synamatix

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  • Stars

    it’s this kinda ish that makes me wish I was a dude.

  • M1234

    So nice but £690? :(