Hype. x REPRESENT. Supernova T-Shirt


British brands Hype. and REPRESENT. have come together for their debut collaboration, creating this epic supernova printed t-shirt.

Keeping the focus solely on the all-over print, the t-shirt features a very simple piece of collaborative branding on the chest that doesn’t scream for attention, as well as a collaborative tab on the lower of the t-shirt. The print is the be all and end all of this collaboration, splashing an incredible photo of a supernova all over the t-shirt. It almost looks like one of those photoshopped items of clothing that was floating around tumblr earlier this year. However, this one is the real deal.

Head over to Hype. or REPRESENT. to get yours for £25.

Hype-x-Represent-T-Shirt-02 Hype-x-Represent-T-Shirt-03 Hype-x-Represent-T-Shirt-04

Shouts to WeAreHQ for the heads up.

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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  • A

    Two bullshit facebook brands with printed tees and stock backpacks with leather patches.
    The only reason both of these brands are getting anywhere is because they are both 50% owned by thread press.

  • B

    what A said.

  • George

    ‘A’, everything you commented about Represent is incorrect, well done.

  • Emac

    ‘A’, you are a complete wolly really aren’t you.

  • C

    ‘A’, the reason they are famous is because they make sick t-shirts.
    Please tell me all about what innovative brands you love?

  • RIQO


  • http://tedbongdy.tumblr.com TedBongdy

    A is absolutely on point. **** Hype and **** Represent. Hype is summed up by their name; pure hype, and Represent are a ripoff brand, who steal ideas from other companies. They are both a part of the cheapening of street wear. Facebook brands indeed.

  • cal

    “Hype” have a very unique crowd of followers. I dont think people that generally follow streetwear respect or like the brand in my opinion.

    I for one dislike the name of the brand and the designs they put out it all seems very child like.

  • http://illography.tumblr.com ~~~~~


    ‘A’s response was spot on!


  • e11even

    gotta agree with ‘A’ looks like something you’d see in primark. No originality in the slightest.

  • Lee Nicolaou

    Well ‘A’ you are a complete ****. Whats your problem with the owners of these companies making some money. Would you rather they just have no job and ponce benefits from our taxes? Clearly some subconscious jealousy is portraying. They are also not ‘Facebook Brands’ as they have broke out of online and have managed to get there clothing line in Topman which aint too bad! Dont get me wrong loads of wankers wear Hype but as least its a brand owned by young people who are getting off there arses and not just moaning about anything which starts trending because you dont wanna be ‘mainstream’ . These brands are a cliche for a reason, they make sick clothes which people want to wear. Period.