Mackintosh Rubberised Dunoon Jacket


The Dunoon is one of the most recognisable Mackintosh jackets and they have brought it bang up to age with these modern versions.

The rain mac is never likely to go out of style, an iconic piece of outerwear, and therefore as the creator of the mac, neither are Mackintosh. Made from hard wearing rubberised cotton in Scotland, this jacket features a perfect mixture of modern and classic detailing such as the horn buttons, underarm chrome eyelet ventilation, hand-glued pressed seams and contrast lining. It’s the perfect marriage between old and new.

As well as the technologies and styling being both modern and classic, so is the colour palette, with a strong mixture of timeless favourites such as Camel and Navy alongside some modern statements in the form of Jaffa and Ruby. It’s a striking jacket, regardless of what colour you go for, and one that will serve you well for the rest of you life (unless you out-grow it).

Head over to Present where you can find these modern classics for £470 a pop.

Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-10 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-11 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-12 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-07 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-08 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-09 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-01 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-02 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-03 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-04 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-05 Mackintosh-Rubberised-Dunoon-Jacket-AW12-06

Alex Synamatix

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  • Maxwell

    The rubberised cotton has been the foundation of the Mackintosh offering for over 150 years, NOT a recent addition as you imply here.

  • Alex Synamatix

    Apologies for that slip up! We’ve updated the post. Thanks for the correction.