Nike x Stüssy S&S Off Mountain Series Lookbook


Nike and Stüssy come together once again, this time creating a full collection that they have called the S&S Off Mountain Series. Here’s the full lookbook.

It’s not that often that Nike produce a lookbook like this for a capsule collection and let it go anywhere other than it’s printed destination, so it’s nice to be able to put this lookbook up on the site in full. Displaying all of the product in traditional Nike format with their classic advertising theme, the lookbook also has a near endless amount of Stüssy’s rich humour throughout. Taking the epic visual aesthetic of Nike’s advertising and mashing it up with the Stüssy sense of humour ends up with slogans such as “My posse’s off mountain”, “F#%! hiking” and “Lighter than all y’all”.

The collection itself consists of 3 pairs of kicks, 5 tees, a hoody, a sweat, 2 beanies and 4 caps. It’s a substantial capsule collection to say the least and manages to pull on some of the best influences from both camps, while still bringing something fresh to the table, mainly in the footwear. The footwear sees Stüssy take a very ACG angle, taking Nike silhouettes and giving them an outdoor hiking vibe in the form of the Mogan II OMS, Lunar Braata Mid OMS and Dunk OMS. They’re pretty crazy switch ups, making this a bold project for both parties involved. The clothing however isn’t anywhere near as adventurous and functions more as a complementary side order to the footwear.

The S&S Off Mountain Series (OMS) collection hits very select stores next Thursday 18th October, including Supreme, Welcome, Slam City Skates and Lost Art.

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  • Jordan

    Never knew there was going to be apparel in this collab. Nice.

  • Georgia

    Likelyhood of being able to get any of the trainers in a UK6?