S.E.H Kelly Reversible Jacket


S.E.H Kelly get versatile with this new wool-tweed reversible jacket in two colours.

We’re not shy when it comes to praising this British brand and as always they have come through with the goods once more in the form of this reversible jacket. Made from West Yorkshire wool-tweed and adorned with horn buttons. The difference between each side is subtle to say the least, with the inner hosting a slightly darker shade of the outer. The real difference comes in the buttons and pockets, with the darker side hosting dark horn buttons and only a singular chest pocket.

The jacket is a simple overshirt style that features a small rounded collar and hidden seam pockets on both sides. It has been made in two colour variations; dark green and dark grey. It’s a great number for the colder months and one that will see a lot of use year on year.

Head over to S.E.H Kelly to pick one of these reversible jackets up for £265 before they sell out.

SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Green-01 SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Green-02 SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Green-04 SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Green-03 SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Grey-01 SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Grey-02 SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Grey-04 SEH-Kelly-Reversible-Jacket-Grey-03

Alex Synamatix

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  • Cal

    Ive yet to purchsde one of their garments, But when I do It’ll be a good day.