Enclave AW12 Headwear


British brand Enclave continue to develop and push their clean Menswear/Streetwear aesthetic with this healthy collection of headwear for AW12.

It’s been a pleasure to watch Kyle Coble’s Enclave brand establish itself and it’s own image over the last year or so, picking up some serious momentum lately as the brand finds it’s way into stores further afield, including the legendary Parisian store Pigalle. Here we see a sole focus on one of the brands true strengths; headwear. In a world awash with seemingly endless 5 panels, all featuring the same old Norse Projects bite on the front in various different styles, it’s nice to see someone stepping away and attempting to do something interesting with what is a superb template for a hat.

Here, enclave take their minimal approach and apply it to their headwear, removing all branding from the exterior and keeping it solely on the inside of the cap. It’s all about the aesthetic and the materials here, nothing else. It’s a confidence that we wish we saw more of. It says “I don’t need to slap a big logo on the front, you’ll like it for what it is”.

As per, the lookbook is equally as adventurous in it’s bleak minimalism. A crisp and near artistic approach that gives the caps plenty of room to breath, while throwing in the occasional seemingly random prop, yet they all relate to the product impeccably.

Head over to Enclave to pick up a cap, as well as select stockists including Open Lifestyle, and support what is quickly becoming one of the UK’s finest young brands.

Enclave-AW12-Headwear-02-1 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-03-1 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-04 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-05 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-06-1 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-07-1 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-08 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-09 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-10 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-11 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-12 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-13 Enclave-AW12-Headwear-14-1

Alex Synamatix

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  • J20

    SNORE SNORE SNORE SNORE SNORE. Most promising my arse.

  • D

    Nah b, these are straight fire

  • Hunter

    i like the shoot idea

  • pax

    feeling it!

  • Andrew

    The shoot is fucking brilliant


    @ Andrew, NO the shoot looks awful. The worst i have seen from Enclave. Usually they look a cut above but this looks weak in comparison to what is out there.

  • logic

    yeh feeling this