oki-ni STYLED by David Lamb


oki-ni invite stylist and GQ Style Senior Fashion Editor David Lamb to put together their latest STYLED feature.

David Lamb is a talented man, that’s for sure. Joining i-D magazine in 2001 as Fashion Assistant and swiftly working his way to Fashion Editor before joining the folk at GQ Style as Senior Fashion Editor in 2005. He’s clearly got serious skills and this shoot shows that well. It’s not overly “fashion” at all, in fact it’s rather accessible, which is really nice to see, but still has a very stylish edge to it.

Featuring brands like Norse Projects, Undercover and White Mountaineering, there’s actually a large influence coming from the Streetwear world as well as the outdoor.

Head over to oki-ni to see the images in full and check out the product.

oki-ni-STYLED-by-Davib-Lamb-02 oki-ni-STYLED-by-Davib-Lamb-03 oki-ni-STYLED-by-Davib-Lamb-04 oki-ni-STYLED-by-Davib-Lamb-05 oki-ni-STYLED-by-Davib-Lamb-06 oki-ni-STYLED-by-Davib-Lamb-07 oki-ni-STYLED-by-Davib-Lamb-08

Alex Synamatix

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