Born Ready Limited Editions


London’s Born Ready follow up their first range with a limited edition T-shirt and beanie featuring their script logo.

A limited run of black tees with a leopard print script logo are available now, alongside a simple black beanie embroidered with the same logo in white. A short video below gives a first-hand look at the printing process involved with the T-shirts, and shows the even more limited run of white logo T-shirts, not available for sale.

Enter on facebook or via the store lottery for a chance to win the white version, or pick up the black for £30 now from Born Ready.

Born-Ready-Limited-Editions-2 Born-Ready-Limited-Editions-3 Born-Ready-Limited-Editions-4 Born-Ready-Limited-Editions-5

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Andrew

    £30 for a logo t-shirt is not on

  • Born Ready

    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry you don’t agree with the pricing, our plain 1 colour logo t-shirt is actually £25. This one is a 3 colour print, other brands charge around £30-£35 for 1 colour logo tees that are made in much larger quantities than ours. So we feel that our price is fair. If it was printed on fruit of the loom without tags etc then we could understand that would be an unreasonable price. However it is printed on quality garments and produced in small quantities. I hope you understand, Thanks


  • gfgfs

    Beanie looks mint, fair play for the reply too BR. Top

  • Robert Arnow

    I recognise that font.

  • george

    Take one look at your store and i can see your business plan already. “Lets start a t-shirt brand! what kind of shits popular at the moment and we’ll do that!”

    You’ve got the leopard print for the tumblr kids playing catch up on what’s trending.
    You’ve got the bad-girl photo print for the ‘cheeky oceana rudeboys’.
    And you’ve got the tattoo influence print for the tattoo guys.

    so boring.

  • Dunce

    Wow! Meeeow george,i agree but,god damn,there was literally no constructive element to that comment,which is a feat given the amount of words used.

  • Sid

    It’s a shame us UK independents can’t compete with US brands with prices. £.30 is quite expensive but you gotta mark up if u wanna sell to stores. but still £12 wholesale is a lot, even if u only print 20 runs u should be able to get it down to £10 quite comfortably

    Not sure which printers u guys use but the difference between a 2 or 4 colour print isn’t that much. Unless you are one of the hundreds of brands using a “certain” printers who are overcharging people by charging for extra screens for underbase white ink on dark garments. This is bullshit

  • Dunce

    @sid Depends what sort of quality you want tbh., if you want a fulyl cut & sew t-shirt, made in the uk then it will be reflected in the price.

    If you are just buying in a blank tee and then print on it, you can get it all made for like £5 – £6.

  • Born Ready

    @Robert This was a unique font created by a great illustrator – We are not one of those brands that use

    @george Whilst that could have been better put, I understand what you are trying to say. However every brand has to start somewhere these designs we feel are very strong and we are trying to back new and upcoming talent. The photograph was by a great photographer and the tattoo design by one of my favorite up and comers. I do designs that I would personally wear. We do have a direction in how we want to take the brand and feel that over the upcoming years we will make ourselves more unique and have some great designs that we can’t wait to get out so that we may be considered ‘different’.

    @Sid It is a shame we can’t make things cheaper but we use good quality t-shirts, we re-label and we print in small quantities. We also have to pay for things like designs etc. Maybe if the brand was printed on fruit of the loom with no tags then yeah we could probably sell the t-shirts for much cheaper. However its not and our current competition or who we see as our competition we are in line with their pricing.

    I’m all for constructive criticism, so thanks for your comments.


  • Scott

    The guys are putting the work in and doing something for themselves, give them a ******* break. I understand constructive criticism, but most of the comments here aint. But what a surprise really, i simply do not come on here much anymore because the mass majority of people who leave comments are fuckwits who believe they’re the source to all true streetwear. I appreciate seeing all these new brands, especially this brand. Yes its leopard print, yes its a screen print, yes its £30. Who cares, it’s clearly working for them, and i would like to see more from these guys!

    Working well BR. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more.

  • Born Ready

    @scott Thanks man, your positivity is much appreciated. Have some new things in the pipeline hopefully we can get them out soon!


  • Chris Airplays

    ha ha, BR you were replying to the guy who made the font. His name’s highlighted so follow the link. I know about the problems with pricing for small companies, if you want to wholesale and have even a little mark up on a quality product with a small run you can’t really go lower than £28. I hope this helps the people out there who don’t run brands or have any understanding of pricing to understand why small brands have to charge what they do.

  • Born Ready

    @Chris haha yeah the illustrator that made some of the logos informed me after that he does use bought fonts that he modifies, which is a fairly standard practice. He bought the rights/licenses to use them so its all fine. I was unaware the that Robert designed the font.

    Yeah pricing can be a problem as our stock isn’t made in China for next to nothing. Thanks for the comment!


  • Dunce

    @Born Ready – got to say, masterful handling of the blood thirsty crowd! I, being of a more volatile constitution would have gone on a typed version of a windmill! Nice one and good luck, keep it going!

  • dm


  • Sid

    It’s all good.
    Us UK brands need tostick together to forma tight community like the brands stateside

    When I started Retreat back in 05 I was willing to sell tees dirt cheap just to get the brand name out there. Then slowly as you get a bigger following and experiment with more costly stuff like cut and sew tees, discharge inkyou canstart increasing your prices without losing your loyal fans.

    7 yrs down the line we are still only charging £20- £25 a tee.This occasionally includes 4 colour CMYK printing or even DTG which we have sampled in the past.
    Keep it up guys!!!

  • Born Ready

    @Dunce Thanks, yeah it can get get pretty heated but no point just arguing negative points back and forth!

    @DM What’s wrong with Trapstar? They are one of the most well known UK brands at the moment and I have a huge respect for how far they have come, regardless of if you are a fan of their clothes or not.

    @Sid Yeah man, I hear what you are saying. I don’t feel like £25-£30 is an unreasonable price at all. Some brands charge a lot more than that and are made in much larger quantities. That’s a huge reason for a lot of successful brands stateside is they seem to support each other. Over in the UK a lot people are willing to hate than congratulate.