indcsn ‘Fuck’ basic beanie


Following up their ‘Kill Everyone‘ bobble beanies, indcsn drop an equally to the point piece of headwear – this basic black ‘Fuck’ beanie.

This sort of thing has become a bit of a trademark for indcsn, and something that keeps people coming back. The ‘Nirvana’ style font used is the same found on the brands recent ‘Luxurious’ T-shirts, and makes a nice addition to what has become a comprehensive line from the brand, featuring tees, crewnecks, hoods, snapbacks, 5 panels and plenty of other beanies.

Pick one up for £22 from indcsn now.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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    Hmmmmm…. while I’m sure this will appeal (and keep appealing) to a certain group of people, I feel we need to have a bit more creativity…. A play on words, double meanings, a metaphor, just SOMETHING else.

    What is the motivator to be walking around in clothing with massive expletives on it nowadays? Don’t quite get the point. It’s not even like this stuff has any surprise or shock value – every man woman and child these days swears like a trooper. So you got a naughty word on your head. Does that make you more edgy?

    Sometimes I see some really nice bits of street wear that look like its maturing and getting somewhere, then something like this comes along and brings it right back to that juvenile level. All stuff like this seems a bit last minute with no thought. Lol, why not a matching tee with the word C*** on it?

    Even though its not my cup of tea personally, I don’t mind indscn as a brand overall, so shouts to them for doing their thing, they got a couple of alright bits. I would just like to see a bit more consideration go into things like this.
    Just cos its beanie doesn’t mean you slap the first thing that comes to mind on the front.

    Just sayin….

  • JW

    Like the brand generally but this is some lazy ass ****. Font looks like Onyx, for anyone interested.

  • TedBongdy

    I like INDCSN a lot, but this is basic teenager ****. Not for me personally, but tumblr will love it.

  • Sid

    Suprises me that our New Yauch City tribute tee which we did in the summer as a tribute to Adam Yauch, all the profits donated to Tibet Fund and Pablove foundation, sold 500 tees worldwide, big support from The Hundreds, DMC, The Official Beasties twitter camp, Adam Yauch’s cousin, Mike Kearns who organised MCA DAY in NYC, Elijah Wood, Toddla T, Martelo, Sanitgold etc supported us big style.

    We didn’t get a mention on here yet this beanie does.

  • Dan

    You have to wonder about the state of your generation, when someone can buy a £1.50 shit as fuck beanie, embroider the word ‘Fuck’ on it then resell it for £22 to a retarded demographic. The fact that this is even considered streetwear is a joke, this is about as premium quality as Smart price Tripe. The fact you have even bothered to feature it is even more comical, the credibility of this blog’s opinion on streetwear is menial at best. There are thousands of brands out there putting in hard work, bringing out good designs on quality products that would jump at the chance for a mere whiff of a feature and some extra support, yet you direct people to this pile of steaming pig shit, i actually feel twice as stupid for even giving this piece of turd air time, but FUCK ME, step your game up, start supporting good actual brands, and not some weak, just learnt how to use photoshop last week, bollocks. Fucks sake.

  • Jk

    Total Unimaginative bollocks. This isn’t a statement; it’s just a cheap shock value piece of crap.

  • Dunce

    @Dan PREACH! There has to be some sort of feedback loop! Its so discouraging,when I am working my arse off so I can get UK manufactured products and put my blood sweat and tears into hopefully making some good quality stuff out there for people,yet in the meantime,crap like this gets a review!? Are you kidding me? How is that streetwear? What story does it tell? Its actually a paroody of streetwear. Arrgh,so annoyed.

    That said i do like their other stuff,but this is just bloody lazy!

  • Quack

    Please stop featuring these ‘no-vocal’ brands that look the same.
    Post about the huge, amazing new Only NY drop instead.



  • M1234

    Really like this. You can tell a lot of thought has been put into it and it really looks like a high quality garment. Would probably pay £30 for such a forward thinking hat.

    Now back to the real world! What the hell is this.

  • X

    It’s lazy? Yet at the same time play on brand names such as the Commes Des F**k Down sh*t storm is getting big ups and props all over the place? Where was the creativity, originality and thought behind that?
    It’s a hat. It has a swear on it. It’s basic and it’s funny. It’s obviously working for some people…