Introducing: Halvø Shores ‘The Winter Projects’ Collection

Halvo Shores Coin Logo Tee Navy & Grey knit Beanie

Introducing the latest British brand to emerge from our fruitful lands, with a debut collection titled ‘The Winter Projects’, the Scandinavian inspired label Halvø Shores.

You’d have to be blind if you couldn’t notice the impact that Scandinavian streetwear-come-menswear has had on the UK since the early success of brands such as Norse Projects, Wood Wood and more recently Libertine Libertine. So, it makes sense that the upstart brands, taking influence from what is around them, are drawing inspiration from the Scandi trend setters, however it’s not so common to find them actively voicing it. Halvø Shores are doing just that; not only are they humbly tipping their hats to the Scandinavians, but including the Danish language in half of their name (Halvø, pronounced Halv-a, is Danish for peninsula), proudly mixing the Scandi with the Brit from the outset.

This debut collection is a concise offering, featuring two different hand printed t-shirt styles, a sweater, a bespoke windbreaker and a beanie, each available in two colour options and inspired by the Bohemian Waxwing – a Scandinavian bird that visits the UK in Winter time. Although the Bohemian Waxwing is cited as an inspiration for this collection and not the brand as a whole, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it being used again further down the line, with it’s hyper relevance to the brand’s ethos.

Branding is kept clean and to the point, with the designs following suit. The beanie has to be the most expressive item in the collection, showing the most character with it’s rustic approach to branding in the form of a circular Italian leather patch. Unfortunately the windbreaker, iPhone and iPad cases included in the collection aren’t on show in the lookbook.

The brand and collection as a whole, as well as this lookbook and that epic beard, all have a very Scandinavian fishing village vibe, but seem to still maintain a lot of the aesthetics and feel commonly found in the higher streetwear circles of the UK. It’s definitely a well thought out and impressive start and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes from this camp in the near future.

The collection drops today at 12:12pm at the official Halvø Shores website. Keep up to speed with the brand as it develops via their Facebook page.

Halvo Shores Grey Beanie Close - Navy Coin Sweatshirt Halvo Shores Coin Logo Sweatshirt Halvo Shores Navy Knit Beanie Halvo Shores Waxwing Fleet Tee Orange Halvo Shores Waxwing Fleet Tee Grey Halvo Shores Grey Coin Logo Tee - Grey Beanie Halvo Shores Grey Coin Logo Tee Close Halvo Shores Grey Coin Logo Tee Close2

Alex Synamatix

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  • Joshua

    nothing particularly special here.

  • Scott

    Absolute fantastic work from Lei-Mai and all those behind the project. It was something that creeped up so quick, and it’s really shown to pay off. Quality is look great, and the lookbook is on point and seasonal. I’ll be picking up one or two of the t-shirts at pay day that’s for sure!

  • Harry


  • Joshua

    Also, british brand, scandinavian name, site is in euros?

  • a

    Tesco value Norse Projects

  • JonM

    Don’t understand this, why pretend to be a Scandinavian brand? If it wasn’t that the owner was ‘tumblr famous’ this would be nothing. Very poor website too.

  • Nath

    “The brand and collection as a whole, as well as this lookbook and that epic beard, all have a very Scandinavian fishing village vibe.”

    Its tees, a beanie and a windbreaker? Thats fine, but surely people are now wise enough to see through the utter guff stories behind these brands which actually mean nothing.

    OK, but nothing special, but a great effort from a new brand and something they can hopefully build on.

  • Geoff

    It’s not bad or anything it’s just meh. The bird motif is actually pretty nice and if that was all there was it wouldn’t be too bad but the name is terrible.

    We don’t need another Norse or WoodWood – this just seems like bandwagon hopping.

    It typifies what’s wrong with streetwear brands, or not ‘wrong’ just what makes it and so many painfully average; a lot of it has no voice or style of its own. While the US has terrible Supreme and Hundreds clones, we’re now stuck with northern European clones. Where’s the identity? What happens when fisherman chic is out, jump on the next thing? You can show influences without becoming a facsimile. I wish them the best of luck with the brand but the second drop is gonna have to be way more impressive before i’d part with any cash.

  • Joshua

    well said Geoff.

  • S

    bird print is awesome, but the tweed trousers are the shit. In need of them

  • e11even

    As others have said the Scandinavian influence is a little odd, but it is on trend, so why not. The details are real nice for a first release and the fit on that sweatshirt looks better than most. Neat designs, but nothing new. The photos look like they should of been top notch, but for some reason they fall a little flat, and slightly blurred.

    I look forward to more!

  • ala

    wow this ‘model’ is a joke. Ive seen more life behind the eyes of a k addict.