Penfield for Consortium Kasson Parka

Penfield USA have been very busy this season, not only have they produced another strong collection, but also shown some love to one of their UK independent stockists; Consortium.

Teaming up with the smaller stores to produce unique limited product is something we always admire from the larger brands. Not only is it refreshing to see Penfield supporting one of their stockists with a collaboration, but they are also supporting the local scene whom Consortium represent, supplying street and skate wear to daily.

Bournemouth’s Consortium have applied their stamp of approval to the classic Kasson jacket, a favourite of many and a style that has found it’s way into nearly all of our wardrobes. Not messing too much with the classic design, four colourways are offered with the design remaining the same, featuring the Penfield logo on the breast pocket. It’s not until you get inside the jacket that you notice the collaboration – a medium pile sherpa fleece lines the inside of the body and hood, to help protect against the coastal winter winds. The sleeves are quilted with insulating wadding to keep the arms warm and flexible enough to be able to skate in the jacket, and judging by the mini lookbook below, that is what Consortium intended to happen.

It’s clear that the design of this collaboration has been directly inspired by the weather condition of Bournemouth. The lookbook, shot by Dan Lilley, a customer and friend of Consortium, shows how the jacket can be worn and highlights the casual, comfortable and relaxed vibe of the Kasson.

The Penfield x Consortium Kasson Parka is available in limited numbers now, in-store and online from Consortium.

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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