Eastpak x The Candy Store Lookbook


The folks at The Candy Store recently put together a small lookbook and video in collaboration with Eastpak, showcasing some of the product that can currently be found in store.

The guys took to the streets that surround the Soho store with photographer Stephen Hughes and a selection of highlights from the range, including the classic Padded Pak’R in a variety of colours – the Now Leopard and Forever Panther styles definitely stand out. The collection also includes other pieces of luggage like the Rollout duffle bag and Tranverz case.

It’s great to see an internationally recognised brand like Eastpak put the spotlight on a British store. A selection of Eastpak product is available both online and in-store at The Candy Store now.

Eastpak-x-The-Candy-Store-Winter-Lookbook--2 Eastpak-x-The-Candy-Store-Winter-Lookbook--3 Eastpak-x-The-Candy-Store-Winter-Lookbook--4 Eastpak-x-The-Candy-Store-Winter-Lookbook--5 Eastpak-x-The-Candy-Store-Winter-Lookbook--6

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • 420mansion

    I went in candy store the other day, it was dread. I’ve never seen so much kiddy street wear shit in my life. It was pure hundreds and mishka. Honestly it was as bad as size? and foot asylum. Lad-wear 2013.

  • Cocaleaf


    Now thats wassup.

  • Tom_c

    For an independent it’s cool, service was personal, on the ball & good , love picking stuff up from there . That’s my 2pence of opinion

  • ActionBlife

    Was here for action Bronson in store performance won the bands – all I’m saying is sick store and performance in front o live crowd was dope

  • Josh

    For me the space is cool and staff seem nice… but the stock dosent do it for me… bunch of preepy shit.. considering with in a 5 min walk the is slam city, supreme, size, No.6 and foot patrol I personally dont see the need. But hay with nice staff they will get return customers so all the best to them

  • D-Money

    The best thing about this shoot is Oliver Spencer in the background.

    Childs Style.

  • James

    @420MANSION hit the nail

  • Fez

    What r the dip dye chinos in the shoot?

  • plugs&thugs

    a british store thats doing good, cool store, selection could be done a bit better tho , staff are on POINT !

  • sam

    this is pretty awful to be honest.

  • Scott

    I’m sick of seeing negativity of pretty much every single post put on here. So many critics giving the same answer as each other. It’s pointless negativity too. If you genuinely feel they are doing it wrong, give it a go at backing your statement. Leaving a reply saying ‘This is shit.’ ‘This is awful’ etc isn’t really putting your thoughts across. It just looks like a lazy excuse to hate, because everyone else is.
    I don’t see the problem with Candy Store selling the high-end brands which can be available in other high street stores. The Candy Store since i have known it have always sold the same brands and always had the same appeal. The way i see it is, why change when people already know what it’s about. The London store is located in a great place, surrounded by so many other style Streetwear and premium Menswear stores. It does have a good presence, very well knowledgable staff and a very good looking store front. There is absolutely nothing i dislike about them or the brands they sell.
    It’s brands that sell, and brands which have always been present in their stores. The first time i went to The Candy Store was when Ian owned it in the small arcade of Birmingham and it was dope then. Sold the same brands as now, had the same ethics, same goals and just because those brands have either turned to majors or high street sellers now, does not mean it can be cussed for it. People will soon moan if it lost their appeal and decided to change every single brand in there to cater for the more ‘knowledgable’ street heads. It’s a load of shit. If you’re into Streetwear, appreciate everything even if it’s not your thing. Stop trying to be that ‘knowledgeable’ guy who has been in the game for years longer than others and believes their opinion counts more. More than likely, those major brands now have been around longer than you have so they have a much better and bigger reason to be showcased in stores than the brands you want to see. The people who complain or say Streetwear is dead are the people who give absolutely no support to the stores where they cater for different Streetwear brands, big or small. Get your head out of your arses, and if you believe you can do a better job stocking the brands you think think are more worthwhile and less dedicated to the ‘kids’ then do it.

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