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At a time when the majority of Nike fans are obsessing over reissues and supposed OG’s, more attention should be focused on the innovation going on in the running department, lead by the LunarEclipse+.

There’s no need to go off on a rant about vintage soles and pure foam tongues, but there is a need to point people in the direction of Nike’s most advanced running footwear. Yes, people seem to have accepted the Free sole in a big way recently, a little too-much-too-late perhaps, but it’s the Lunar brigade that are leading the way and this latest rendition of the LunarEclipse+ line is a thing of technological beauty.

When the first LunarEclipse+ dropped back in 2010, we were overcome with geeky joy, marvelling in the vision of the chrome swoosh, seamless upper, FlyWire and vibrant Lunarlon foam, like rabbits in the headlights. The LunarEclipse was everything Nike had, put into one glorious running shoe. More recently, the Eclipse slipped into second place, beaten (rightfully) by the LunarGlide family and more specifically the LunarGlide+ 4 with it’s Dynamic FlyWire exposed for all to see. Now, at the start of a new year, the Eclipse is reclaiming it’s thrown, learning from it’s younger sibling and improving itself into a new, slender beast. Again, we see a stitchless upper, but this time there is the addition of engineered mesh and that Dynamic FlyWire has also been brought to the table, even more on show than the LunarGlide+ 4, as if it were gloating. The heel support demands attention like it’s predecessor did, reminding us of the heel-proud Huarache line, but with a modern twist.

The icing on this technological cake is the choice of colours used to launch this model. The Lunar line seems to be stepping away from it’s neon past and adopting a much more subtle pastel palette. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still bright, but it’s less dayglow. The return of Emerald Green to a running shoe is something we’ve hoped for for a long time now, having been such a dominant and seemingly unforgotten colour used in ’90s runners, overshadowed by the more boisterous reds and blues when looking back.

We raise our glass in salute to the LunarEclipse+ as it settles back into it’s thrown as the king of Nike running shoes, and what a beautiful return it is, even if it has stolen a few key features from the prior champ. These two colourways will be landing later this month at Crooked Tongues.

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    Thats my next running shoe sorted then (sneaker head twats take note, I mean to actually RUN in, not pose)

  • jcmcmxci

    Why post dumb things like that on a streetwear / fashion site? Who’s the real twat here?