Mercedes-Benz announce #Untamed digital photo installation

CLA_Untamed_ENG_0008_Ebenenkomp. 9

As part of the campaign for their new CLA model, Mercedes-Benz have announced a digital photo installation that invites people to submit artwork through Instagram.

The concept is actually surprisingly simple, although it has never been done before; you submit your three most untamed photos from your Instagram account to the custom made untamed-installation website, they are then given an #Untamed score to show how “out there” they are before becoming part of the #Untamed digital installation to be presented in Paris. It’s an intriguing concept that looks set to be a digitally visual treat where people from all over the world can submit their work. It’s interesting to see Instagram being used in this way as well, as we continue to see brands and creatives try to find new ways to explore the ever popular format.

Check out the video below to see a visual representation of what the installation will look like, as well as some good examples of #Untamed images. You can find full info about the project and how to enter your best images over at the very chic #Untamed Installation website pictured below.

CLA_Untamed_ENG_0000_Ebenenkomp. 1 CLA_Untamed_ENG_0003_Ebenenkomp. 4 CLA_Untamed_ENG_0004_Ebenenkomp. 5 CLA_Untamed_ENG_0005_Ebenenkomp. 6 CLA_Untamed_ENG_0006_Ebenenkomp. 7 CLA_Untamed_ENG_0007_Ebenenkomp. 8

Alex Synamatix

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