Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook


Today, Norse Projects announced their Spring/Summer 2013 collection and launched this lookbook to showcase it.

Once again Norse have teamed up with stylist Stephen Mann and photographer Sacha Maric and created a very minimal indoor lookbook that has an eery quality to it. The styling is tonal and has a shabby chic to it in many places, with shirts collars deliberately out of line and hair just about under-styled.

The collection features next to no branding, something that Norse seem to be forever stepping away from, and favours block colouring in more traditional navies, creams and and khakis. A few patterns feature here and there to jazz things up, but there’s definitely a traditional vibe to this collection. Even the very popular bucket hats are starting to look more like soft trilbies. Keeping each product fresh and simple means there’s plenty of room for people to style the product in their own way and this lookbook holds some great examples, namely the all white approach to the Elka jacket and the  Monocle style sailor look with the white shorts and striped t-shirt.

The collection has launched online at Norse Projects with a Spring drop today and should be drip feeding it’s way into UK stores very soon.

Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 01 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 02 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 03 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 04 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 05 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 06 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 07 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 08 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 09 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 10 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 11 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 12 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 13 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 14 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 15 Norse Projects SS13 Lookbook 16

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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  • DroneBoy

    What happened to all the small interesting independent brands? Loved coming on here to see what was different.

  • NoUseForA


  • H

    Agree wit Droneboy!

  • Matt

    The majority of small brands aren’t making a thing worth talking about… unless you have a thing for screen printed gilden tee’s

  • Cocaleaf

    @Matt how else is a small brand on a tight budget meant to start?

  • logic

    word to matt

  • Bob123

    dont say “word” ! your not american

  • Cal

    @Droneboy – I dont think the concept of daily street is to only write about small street brands, there mentality as I understand is to provide readers brands that are from the entire spectrum of street wear be they large or small.

    Personally, I think norse projects are going from strength to strength and this look book goes to show there ability to keep within there sartorial influence yet still show a more casual approach.

  • selenic

    agree with matt – it’s good to see a well grounded and still grounded british site not afraid to move away from favours for friends type articles to proper menswear journalism. if you just want to see a bunch of small independent brands go buy front magazine, anything of note from the smaller indies is always featured here

  • Scott

    Its people like you Matt that kill off people having something good going for them. There is plenty of great independent brands out there right now, not printing on continental blanks and actually making the most of it. They just need that chance to be exposed.
    In regards to Norse though. Not a massive fan of this other than the outerwear. Hopefully more to come which will appeal to me.

  • droneboy

    This wasn’t a dig at Daily Street or the journalism on here, I have been a fan since day one. I am also in favour of seeing what the established brands are doing. I am just concerned that the small shift away from the small indies and in favour of the bigger fish within the street-wear scene maybe due to the negative comments that come from the people who can be invisible online. I like being up to date with both sides of the spectrum and yes you are in danger of featuring complete nonsense, as its so in vogue to start clothing brand these days, but a little editing can handle this. I wouldn’t want my web viewing to just be mirrors of hype beast when we have so much vibrancy coming out of the UK.

    But as always mad love for The Daily Street.

  • Dunce

    @droneboy – Agreed

  • cal

    @Droneboy – “I am just concerned that the small shift away from the small indies and in favour of the bigger fish within the street-wear scene maybe due to the negative comments that come from the people who can be invisible online.”

    I agree, the negativity on here can run like a train sometimes. I think the daily street holds a unique position to show case some of the better upcoming UK brands and to present them in the best light possible. However its really important to filter out the poor brands from the innovators and I think that will improve the responses on here when it comes to smaller brands.

    editing and careful selection can bring out the best in the UK “scene” at present.