Video: Skullcandy presents ‘Take a Supermodel To Work’ Ep.2 ft. Kate Upton & Big Boi

Skullcandy continue their Take A Supermodel To Work series with Kate Upton, taking her to work with Big Boi and Stevie Johnson in the studio.

There’s a fair dose of humour in this series (to say the least), as Kate gets shown how the world of a super-star Hip-Hop producer works … playing computer games. The Americans don’t quite do sarcasm as well as us Brits, but you have to commend them for trying. It still makes for an entertaining watch and it’s great to see all these larger-than-life people not taking themselves seriously.

Check out the episode in full above.


Alex Synamatix

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  • Hunter

    I hate to be that guy but their headphones are still awful!