Ashdown Workshop ‘Black Raven’ Collection


For those of you who follow The Daily Street, Ashdown Workshop should be a name you’re already pretty familiar with. Having launched only last year, this father and son outfit have already pieced together an impressive collection and have made their way into many of your pockets I’m sure.

Up until now, your colour options were limited to either ‘Almond’ or ‘Cashew’. I say limited, both options were beautiful enough for it to be a bit of a non-issue. Recently however, they’ve decided to go down the all black everything avenue and have produced what they’re calling the ‘Raven Black Collection’. Black leather stitched together using a black variation of their Northern Ireland linen thread. As per usual, all materials are locally sourced from the UK.

The ‘Black Raven Collection’ includes all the Ashdown Workshop products you’ll be acquainted with; belts, wallets, leather braided bracelets, their iPhone case and their iPad cases. It’s also made it’s way over to their range of handmade paracord items.

As expected, a high level of craftsmanship and a whole lot of love is put into making their lifestyle products. As you know, priding themselves on their products being 100% handmade and all cut and stitched done by hand is a big thing for Ashdown Workshop, so it’s good to see that as demand has increased they’ve stuck to this ethos rather than going the easy route. I say this every time, but I look forward to seeing what else the Ashdown Workshop guys have up their sleeves.

All items are now available over at the Ashdown Workshop online store.

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James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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  • Chris Airplays

    My fiance bought me a black premium bi-fold that turned up today. They stamped ‘happy 10 years 2003-2013′ on the inside which was a lovely touch. The quality of everything they do is spot on, including their service which is personal and attentive. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • cav

    big gets better and better