The Daily Street 2.0: A Guided Tour


So after a lot of thinking and a long period of jiggling about behind the scenes, The Daily Street 2.0 is here. For those wanting to know a little more about what’s new and improved, here’s a brief guided tour.

The most noticeable difference is our new, chic look. Almost every time we mentioned that we were redesigning the site to people, we quickly got a response along the lines of “Don’t change it! I like how it looks.” before we had to reassure them that the new design was much nicer and still maintained the character and cleanliness of the original. We hope you agree on that as well. Simplicity and ease of use are always our first thoughts when it comes to our web design; it was the inspiration behind the original design and it remained the inspiration behind this one. Within the design itself are a few key improvements and additions …

At the top of the home page you will find our brand new “featured” slider. This has replaced where our latest feature used to sit and continues to showcase our feature editorial, while also pulling in bits and bobs from the blog that we want to draw your attention to. It’s much more fun and nice to look at, if we may say so ourselves.

Our Twitter widget in the side bar is more intuitive now, showcasing all The Daily Street related discussion on Twitter, rather than just what we are babbling on about. Also, just below that you’ll find a handy little “back to the top” button on every page to whizz you back up to where you started from. However, on blog posts you probably won’t need this button as we now have “previous” and “next” buttons after our content, taking you to the next blog post or mixtape, depending on what you are browsing. Also, our “related posts” section is now hyper-specific to what you are reading about. It’s all been meticulously thought out to make your lives easier and your experience on The Daily Street much more enjoyable.

We aren’t done here either. As we continue to move forward, we will be tinkering and tweaking bits here and there, some more noticeable than others, continually aiming to make The Daily Street the best it possibly can be. Each time we take a decent sized step forward, we’ll be sure to let you guys know what has changed so that you can check it out. And lastly, the whole site is a fair bit wider now, giving us more room for larger images (an additional 80 pixels on the blog posts for those who want to know specifics), something that we feel makes a huge difference. There are other technical bits and bobs tucked away here and there, such as our own custom short link ( at the bottom of every post, but we don’t want to get lost in the details.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the arrival of The Daily Street 2.0 and enjoy using it as much as we do. Don’t forget, you can always hit us up on Twitter with any feedback.

All the best,

Team TDS.