adidas presents Adivisionaries: Mr. Omori (Video)

It’s always interesting to see the inner workings of our favourite footwear brands and even more exciting to get insight in to the  creative minds responsible for our beloved designs. Aptly titled ‘advisionaries’, adidas present a series of videos which aim to provide us with a glimpse in to the designers and inventors who are responsible for producing innovative footwear for the brand.

The first episode takes a look at “shoe master” and “creator” Toshiaki Omori, also known as Mr. Omori. Omori has been dedicated to mastering his craft for the last half a century with 14 of those working with adidas. Seeing himself as  a “creator”, Omori’s eastern approach to creativity is fascinating and there’s a deep sense of sincerity in this interview. With an approach to his craft that relies on a more human touch rather than modern technology, Omori utilises more traditional design methods to achieve his vision and is responsible for iconic designs such as ‘adizero’.

Check the video and keep your eyes on the website for the next instalment soon.

adidas presents Adivisionaries Mr Omori Video 01

Chris Benfield

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer working across editorial, print, identity and digital for a variety of industries. Previous clients include Nike, PUMA, Dazed & Confused and Boxfresh.

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  • rob

    Wow. What a sincere guy! A real artist

  • Alex H

    What a modest man.