Fly53 x Arturo Vega x The Great Frog


Brand collaborations are more than a regular occurrence these days, and often they leave me with the feeling that they’ve been churned out for the sake of it, with little imagination or special interest. Every now and again though, something does catch my eye, and the latest from Fly53 has done just that.

In a three-way partnership, Fly53 have teamed up with Arturo Vega (‘creative director’ for The Ramones; the man responsible for their iconic logo and that T-shirt), and London’s equally iconic jewellery producer The Great Frog. The vein which runs throughout the entire collaboration is its connection with music, with Fly53 being a brand who have always worked closely with bands and musicians (their own logo inspired by that of The Ramones), and The Great Frog the legendary producer of the silver rings that have graced the hands of members of Metallica, Motorhead, Iron Maiden and many, many more.

The collaborative product itself also comes in the form of a triple threat. First, two T-shirts featuring an image of Vega in a 70’s New York photo booth, coming in black and white with a mash-up of the Ramones and Fly53 logos on the reverse. Second is a definitive piece of punk history, the photocopied fanzine, produced by hand as it should be. The final, third element is the Hatchet pendant, a re-production of one of Arturo Vega’s own pieces by The Great Frog, available in silver or bronze on black rope with TGF engraved in the side.

All three parts come packaged in a sealed, branded, wooden box, a final mark of quality which keeps it all together. As I mentioned, this is one of the first collaborative projects that has stood out to me in a while. Every detail has been considered, and it’s a project which is really relevant to the brand’s history, not just a chance to gain kudos from association with another. The collaborative boxset is available in limited numbers (20 silver hatchets and 80 bronze) from Fly53 now, while they last.

Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-2 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-3 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-4 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-5 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-6 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-7 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-8 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-9 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-10 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-11 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-12 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-13 Fly53-Arturo-Vega-The-Great-Frog-14

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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