Debut: Bake Designs Spring 2013


We haven’t seen much from Bake Designs since last year’s ‘Equilateral’ tees and iPhone cases, but we know the brand have been hard at work for months putting the new collection together piece by piece. This week, Bake returns with a new collection of tees and hoods inspired by lessons designer Ben learned in school.

Taking in references to Isaac Newton, Archimedes and Roy Lichtenstein, Bake’s Spring collection collates elements from many of the brand’s previous releases (photo prints, overlaid text, quotes and clean graphic design) with a selection of new inspirations. Much of the collection boasts a Livestrong-esque black/yellow colour scheme, with an alternative print in the Roy design coming in a fresh aqua blue we’ve seen Bake use before.

The Roy graphic, taking influence from the blonde locks which are common place in many of the artworks by seminal pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, appears on black and white tees and a black pullover hood which I love. Joining it are two colourways in the Basic T-shirt, the details of which are a little hard to make out in the images below, due to its use of tonal ink (the white tee with large BAKE chest print and the black tee with the yellow shield which follows it are the same design printed in different colours). This shirt in particular is a great piece of design, and one that is likely to grab the attention of both print and graphic designers.

The Mathematics design is another strong example of Bake Design’s graphic design sensibilities. Like the ‘Roy’ front prints there’s very little to it, but it’s cleanly and perfectly executed.

Quotes have featured in some way in almost every Bake collection, so it’s natural to see them utilised again here. The Newton tee sees one of the Scientist’s most famous quotes overlaid on his portrait, while the Archimedes design opts for a slightly different approach, utilising an image of Merlin’s pet Owl ‘Archimedes’ from Disney’s ‘The Sword In The Stone’. Bake previously used a Disney reference with the Suckout collaboration in 2011 and I’m really happy to see this little sub-story continue. The collection also includes keyrings and carabiners which I’ve yet to get a look at, but will follow these items shortly.

The collection as a whole, along with the lookbook images below photographed by Hayley Louisa Brown, showcase a matured Bake Designs that I am glad to see back on our screens (and no doubt on my back in a few days). The Spring 2013 collection launches this Friday May 10th at Bake Designs.

Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-1 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-03 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-2 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-02 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-3 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-04 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-4 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-05


Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-5 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-06 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-6 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-07 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-7 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-08 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-8 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-10 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-9 Bake-Designs-Spring-2013-Lookbook-11

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • ashley

    great to see ’em back

  • john

    i have a feeling someone from thedailystreet is doing someone a favour here… not feeling any of it at all. hopefully suffocake at least got his dick sucked for this feature though

  • john

    maybe im just a hater… who knows

  • Suffocake

    @john: are you kidding? If you look through the tag archive you’ll see we’ve been featuring the brand regularly since 2010. I have always been a big fan of Bake and thus choose to write about it.

    I wish I got my dick sucked for writing about streetwear.

  • Doma

    Yikes, does John have a problem with the brand or the website posting the articles?!

    New BD stuff looks pretty good, always liked how they do the text over image thing, good that it’s coming back in new forms. Shoot looks clean as hell too. Respect.

  • Cian

    Really like the Archimedes tee. Great drop.

  • Boyce

    Loving that Hoodie!

  • A

    Crazy how dry brands like this get blog coverage because they are in the right social cricles, not on the strength of the brand itself

  • Alex Synamatix

    A, although Ben who runs Bake Designs is a close friend, there is no “who you know” favouritism here. What gets this brand good coverage on TDS is their consistant attention to detail, from initial concept creation and design execution all the way to the lookbook. I think you’d struggle to reference a small independent UK brand that have executed and presented a capsule collection as well as this recently. Wether or not you like the direction of this collection and this brand as a whole is a different story and one that’s down to personal taste. Each to their own on that one, and everyone is entitled to like it or not, but I don’t think it’s fair to claim that the only reason they are getting coverage is down to who they know – this is actually one of the best examples of a brand getting coverage purely because of the strength of the brand itself.

  • J

    Might grab a hoodie. I.D on those trainers?

  • Suffocake

    @J: Nike Air Huarache 2012 Black/Yellow