King Apparel Summer 2013 Headwear


King Apparel follow up their earlier deliveries this season with a dose of headwear for the summer months. In a range of snapbacks and fitted caps, King continue to bolster their various different in-season ranges with new styles and colour options.

Many of the designs which featured in the brand’s Spring/Summer lookbook make their way onto snapback caps, like the 6 panel hybrid Signature designs and the block text of the Krest Select range, proudly stamped with’British Streetwear Company’ on two Starter snapbacks. This range also also houses the red and black chambray-style caps pictured above. The Infinity design, a reference to Souls of Mischief’s debut ’93 ’til Infinity’, comes on a heather grey snapback with a brown suede peak and makes for a great piece. King also continue their use of camo this season with the Militia cap, using a waterproof fabric throughout and again produced on the original Starter block.

While snapback caps are definitely the dominant form, King service those loyal to the fitted shape with two New Era styles – the black/grey ‘Infinity’ and the black ‘Device’ with gold piping. The latter is joined by items from the Heritage and Defy ranges in the final image below, and represents the King of yesteryear under the ‘Classics’ umbrella – styles which I’ve never been that fond of personally, but I’m sure still have a dedicated following.

The range of 12 styles are available to purchase now from King Apparel, along with a full Spring/Summer clothing range.

King-Apparel-Summer-2013-Headwear-2 King-Apparel-Summer-2013-Headwear-3 King-Apparel-Summer-2013-Headwear-4

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Jonny

    People actually buy this shit???

  • draedus

    at least 3 pieces i’ll be picking up from those…

  • Danny weed


  • ken Jaxon

    This drop is so dated and lacks any real class. As for the Reign supreme stuff on their site don’t even get me started, complete bite! Streetwear has evolved way beyond what these guys are putting out. You’ve been about for a while now, and honestly, I can’t believe you haven’t gone under yet. All I can put this down to is those sneaky Vice ad’s you put out must be doing the trick. Who buys you stuff I don’t know, but if I was you guys I would watch out coz if your customer base doesn’t spit you out you could soon end up with a hefty lawsuit on your hands!

  • atmos

    Man, lazy, uninformed posting on this site just leads to a lack of credibility and does TDS no favours. Read the copy Ken, some of those styles are nostalgic re-releases of old collections, and having been on their site then you would know they are to mark their 10 year anniversary. A brand doesn’t have to be of your liking, i’m not saying everything King does is my favourite thing but if you knew anything at all about British streetwear you would know that they have been around since day one, kicked off the whole New Era and Starter thing in the UK and they’ve been using the Reign Supreme slogan long before all the fanboys started jumping on Supreme. As for lawsuits, Supreme don’t even have a registered trademark on their name (if you knew anything, then you would know this). smh

  • Alex Synamatix

    For some background reading on King Apparel, you might want to check out the feature we did on them back in 2010. Explains their heritage with New Era etc that atmos is referring to …