Video: Long Live South Bank: 40 Years Later

In support of the Save Southbank cause, the group present this short film titled ’40 Years Later’ documenting many of the skaters who spend their time enjoying the Undercroft’s banks and ledges now, 40 years after skateboarders made it their home.

On the 7th March 2013, the Southbank Centre publicly announced its new plans for the Festival Wing, a re-development which will affect the Undercroft, used by  skaters since the early ’70s. The re-development will use the current Undercroft space for new shops, cafés and restaurants and the Save Southbank campaign has been organised in an attempt to prevent this from happening, and to preserve one of London’s most iconic skate spots.

Having attended the recent Long Live South Bank weekend event, it was great to see support for the cause in such high numbers. Check out the film above, featuring most of the Palace Skateboards team, along with plenty of others, and which shows exactly the reason that the Undercroft should be saved (with an excellent and appropriate throwback soundtrack courtesy of Basement Jaxx’ ‘Good Luck’). Please sign the petition to save the South Bank at Long Live South Bank.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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