Listen: Py debuts new single ‘Polyethers’


One of London’s most talented songstresses, Py, has today announced a new single via her SoundCloud.

We’re big fans of Py’s work here at TDS. She has a distinct and unique voice (and approach to recording vocals) that is enticing and engrossing. It lures you in with a subtlety like a Siren, except there’s no bad outcome to this temptation. Py also has a great ear for selecting producers to work with, having been gifted beats in the past from the likes of George Fitzgerald, Throwing Snow, Raffertie and iO to name a few.

Here we see Py continue the sound that she refined with her Tripping on Wisdom mixtape last year, once again drawing on the topic of love for lyric inspiration. Py’s music often reflects romance, so it will be interesting to hear what Jimmy Edgar has done with this song and this theme in his remix on the flip of the single when it drops next month on Champion Records.

Expect to hear a lot more about Py throughout this year and the next. In the mean time, listen to Polyethers below and keep up to date with Py via her Facebook page.

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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  • sat fiscal

    Cool things on the site.

  • a

    should change her name asap…instantly read the headline and thought of the dude who did ‘Gangnham style’….