Togs + Clogs ‘Classic Dog Moments’ Lookbook


Online retailer Togs + Clogs get creative with their latest lookbook, featuring a range of designs currently available from the store in a fairly abstract way, in a new shoot titled ‘Classic Dog Moments’.

Working with Manchester based creatives Lazerian, known for their contemporary furniture, Togs + Clogs have printed up a selection of prints and patterns from their SS13 collections and worked these into Lazerian’s origami dog Gerald. The prints featured come from collections by I Love Ugly, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Anerkjendt, Armor-Lux, Ashley Marc Hovelle and Universal Works and each creation has resulted in a unique and creative piece of art.

The shoot itself, shot by Tom Cockram and set in the store’s native Manchester, also comes with more of the traditional lookbook set-up, with the model who accompanies Gerald decked out in some great pieces from the current season. Product comes from brands including Wood Wood, Vanishing Elephant, Rascals and Gourmet, as well as those ‘worn’ by Gerald.

It’s great when stores get creative with their lookbooks, and Togs + Clogs are definitely thinking outside of the box. Their last shoot, The Forager, also featured a fairly unique concept. Check out the full shoot below and head to Togs + Clogs for a further look at the collections.

Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-2 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-3 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-4 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-5 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-6 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-7 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-8 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-9 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-10 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-11 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-12 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-13 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-14 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-15 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-16 Togs-and-Clogs-Classic-Dog-Moments-Lookbook-17

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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