Denham x Cone Denim White Oak ‘Virgin Denim’ R7 Jeans

Denham x Cone Mill Virgin Denim 02

Denham team up with Cone Denim, one of America’s oldest denim mills, using their White Oak denim to create this capsule collection.

Taking the signature Denham R7 jean, the brand have given it a luxurious raw denim thanks to Cone Denim and their legendary White Oak plant in Greensboro. A few design features have been added to the R7 especially for this project, including the camouflage lining on the waist and pockets and the use of the authentic Cone Denim White Oak branding on the inner pocket (pictured above).

For those less read in the world of denim geekery, here’s a quick catch up about Cone Denim. Cone Denim was founded by the Cone brothers in North Carolina in 1891 and has been serving up some of the best denim since. In 1902 they began construction on their White Oak plant in Greensboro, naming it after the 200 year old White Oak that stood outside the plant and on April 20th 1905 the mill produced its first bobbin of yarn. Today, the White Oak factory serves as the core of all denim from Cone Denim, also housing their archives and development and innovation centre. Those few facts alone should give you a decent idea of how important this place is to denim lovers. For full info I highly recommend spending a little while on the Cone Denim website.

Back to the jeans at hand, Denham have teamed up with Cone Denim to produce this limited offering of raw untreated White Oak denim jeans in the R7 shape. They are also available in a wash for those who don’t want to wait for the denim to age the natural way.

You can grab a pair of these high end jeans from the Denham flagship store in East London on Charlotte Road.

Denham x Cone Mill Virgin Denim 01 Denham x Cone Mill Virgin Denim 03 Denham x Cone Mill Virgin Denim 04

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