Nike re-imagine classic Air Max models in new artwork


Since Friday, Nike Sportswear have been putting images on their Facebook page of classic Air Max models re-imagined in new forms including the Air Max 1 and Air Max 97 so far.

The imagery has all of the visual qualities of a well planned campaign from Nike, but it’s been completely unannounced and has no collective name for the works so far. It seems Nike have commisioned the pieces and are now leaking them one by one, day by day onto the web via their Facebook page. It’s an interesting approach to a campaign in it’s subtlety and one that is causing plenty of predictable buzz thanks to the quality of the artwork.

The latest piece, featuring an Air Max 97 gold pendant around a girls neck is a killer. We will just have to pray to the Nike goddess (Greek reference intended) that this particular image gets so much hype that they actually make the pendant. For now, we’ll have to drool over the Photoshop version below.

Keep your eye on the Nike Sportswear Facebook page where we can only assume they will be publishing more of this series each day. Whatever this campaign is, we like it.

Nike Air Max 97 latte 01 Nike Air Max 1 lipstick 01 Nike Air Max 97 gold necklace 01

Alex Synamatix

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