FucknFilthy to return under new name ‘Filthy Club’?


Joshua Gordon, the man behind Irish brand FucknFilthy has been dropping not so subtle hints lately about the return of his much loved brand, but with a possible rebrand.

FucknFilthy haven’t exactly stopped at any point, but as with many small independent brands it did take a slight hiatus recently after it’s very successful FF2012/01 collection last year. The brand always manages to drum up some serious attention online, with people divided about wether they love it or hate it. Either way, a lot of people will be glad to see that the brand is making a return and may even be seeing a rebrand.

Lately, the only inkling of a comeback has been the webstore closed sign (seen below), which promised some form of return but with no announcement of what or when. Last week Joshua leaked what looks like a physical lookbook, unveiling the new Filthy Club brand/collection name. Now we see that the branding for the clothing (seen above) will also feature the new name. We’re not certain if the new name is for the collection or if Joshua has decided that it’s time to drop the swear word in the brand name, but it’s looking more likely to be the latter. We’ll have to wait and see for the official word on that.

More news coming soon.

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Alex Synamatix

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  • tombreaks

    Er, well yet it is. lol. Clearly.

  • danny weed

    Joshua Gordon is a hipster from Ireland. The only reason any one knows about him is because he finds tumblr photos and reblogs them on his blog. dead.

  • osimie.

    Yes, about time, looking forward.

  • Henrons

    I’d kick my mom in the face while she’s asleep to get my hands on the new FF shit.

  • Jules

    v nice, cant wait!



  • http://cassisla.tumblr.com/ A.DOT

    Nice one, looks a bit more mature, curious to see how things develop.

  • SS.

    looks strong.

  • Josh

    Hopefully this time the designs won’t be stolen from Well Fed.