Video: How It’s Made: Lavenham

Video: Suffoca
Words: Alex Synamatix

Continuing our new How It’s Made video series, we sent our favourite video man Suffoca on a little trip to the Lavenham factory in Suffolk.

For those less familiar with the heritage of the Lavenham brand, let me quickly bring you up to speed. Lavenham was founded in 1969 in the small town of Lavenham in Suffolk and they swiftly garnered a name for themselves by creating the first nylon quilted horse rug. Those into horses will probably be very familiar with the brand, but it’s when they took this and reapplied it to different mediums that really gets us interested. The moment that the people at Lavenham decided to make a jacket and a vest using the same techniques as they did for their horse rugs, this is when things got really interesting. Fast forward 44 years and Lavenham are at the core of a trend of quilted nylon jackets in the Winter time. More than this, they have expanded their line beyond the quilting and now make a range of different outerwear and accessories. Continuing to use the best British materials wherever possible and keeping every part of the process in-house, Lavenham are sticking firmly to their Suffolk roots and we like it.

We sent the inquisitive eye of Suffoca to Lavenham to soak up everything that the brand embodied and reinterpret that in video form. As per usual he’s done a sterling job and produced another beautiful video that juxtaposes a smooth, fluent visual and calm music with the scenes of manufacture.

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