Video: Nike ‘Nature Amplified’ Design Ethos

Nike like to keep the athlete in the centre of their design process and always have, you only need to read our interview with Tobie Hatfield to know that, but this new Nature Amplified design ethos ushers in a new era of design focused on attempting to work harmoniously with nature.

The title is very self explanatory (as most Nike titles are); it’s simply attempting to amplify what nature had already given us. This ethos seems to have started with the Free back in 2001, when Nike set out to design a shoe for the barefoot runner. Since then we’ve seen technological advancements such as FlyKnit for running and a wealth of eco-friendly, responsive technologies in football boots such as the Mercurial and recently launched Hypervenom.

Nike seem to be deliberately drawing attention to their designers and their design process lately, and it’s something we welcome strongly, what with the company having over 600 designers and a notoriously secretive R&D department.

The Free FlyKnit is a great example of product to come out of this Nature Amplified design ethos and we’re looking forward to seeing more new developments from Nike.


Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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