Colourway x Madsaki Collection


Colourway have enlisted Japanese artist Madsaki for their latest collection of menswear consisting of T-shirts and headwear that feature the artist’s work.

Madsaki’s style ranges from abstraction to witty and this is something that is portrayed perfectly here in this collaboration. The collaboration has come together through the mutual appreciation Madsaki and Colourway share for one and other’s body of work. Acting as a retrospect of Madsaki’s works, the collection features three t-shirt designs that incorporate paintings that featured at his show at the Clear Gallery in 2009. The abstract designs have been adapted for the t-shirts into pleasing subdued colourways.

The headwear consists of two bucket hats available in navy blue and “bark” colourways. They’re built in the USA using brushed 100% cotton twill and featuring handprinted lining that features Madsaki’s fun “Happiness Overdose” logo with sporadic placement that harks back to the “21.22” t-shirt in Colourway’s debut collection “First Light” earlier this year.

The lookbook has been executed to mirror the clean playful aesthetic that seems to be present with the brand and features modelling from friend of Colourway, Jamie Donuts (a nod to future projects perhaps). We also see use of the “Happiness Overdose” design printed on a deckchair which is a nice little touch.

Colourway continue to impress me with their clean, honest approach to design and attention to detail with their garments. For such a young brand it’s lovely to see classic designs being produced at such a high level of quality. The collection is available now at Coulourway. For more info on Madsaki head to his website.

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