Mishka x Long Clothing Capsule Collection


Mishka keep things interesting, looking across the pond once again for their latest collaboration, teaming up with the UK’s Long Clothing. As the name suggests, Long specialise in oversized clothing with a typically monochromatic colour palette and together with Mishka have produced a capsule collection of tees, sweats, headwear and varsity jackets.

The collection uses both Mishka’s Keep Watch eyeball and Cyco Simon skull graphics as central motifs, with both Standard and Oversized option available in each of the T-shirt designs. The ‘standard’ option still comes with a bit of extra length though (think ‘long’ and ‘really long’), but looks to me like the more wearable of the two. Longleeve tees and crewneck sweatshirts are also offered, alongside a single 2-Tone, split-coloured T-shirt with prices ranging from £40 (standard tees) to £70 (sweats).

The two varsity jackets both feature large back embroidery, smaller embroidered logos on the chest and branded button-snaps. As you’d expect, both are all black with white embroidery and come out at a very reasonable £135. Completing the capsule collection are two patched beanies and two logo snapbacks priced at £30 and £35 respectively.

The combination of two prominent brand names could easily have lead to some extreme pricing here, so it’s nice to see some solid product with achievable pricetags. Though the oversized garments and ‘street goth’ stylings might not be for everyone, I think it’s great to see a brand like Mishka stepping away from their norm and it’s always nice to see US brands working with those from our shores. Mishka have shown a lot of love for the UK in the past, like with their Wellgosh collaboration, Butterz tees, Night Slugs collection and Fall 2011 lookbook and long may it continue.

The full capsule collection is available from Long Clothing now – check out the lookbook below.

Mishka-x-Long-Clothing-Capsule-2 Mishka-x-Long-Clothing-Capsule-3 Mishka-x-Long-Clothing-Capsule-4 Mishka-x-Long-Clothing-Capsule-5 Mishka-x-Long-Clothing-Capsule-6 Mishka-x-Long-Clothing-Capsule-7

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • http://addixx.co.uk Bobby

    Been a Mishka fan for time.. but recent designs haven’t really caught my eye.. The girl’s one is pretty dope though