Video: Nike Air Max 93 (size? Exclusive) Preview

Just a day after we got a glimpse at an upcoming Air Max 93 colourway scheduled for November, now comes the news that there are at least two other colourways expected to land even sooner. Size? preview their ‘Maximum Air’ programme with a short teaser video featuring two new colourways in the much loved Nike Air Max 93.

It’s been a while since we last saw the 93, but with so much activity around the AirMax 1, Light, 90, BW, 95, and more in recent years, it really only had to be a matter of time. The clip above takes an intersteller look at two upcoming colourways, mortar/pink/laser orange (which features a hint of safari print) and grey/lime/royal. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m particularly excited about this one.

What makes this news even more exciting, is that they’ll be here before the end of this month, with a release date scheduled at size? stores for the Saturday 28th September. Expect more news on these as it’s available.

Source: Sneaker News

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size-Nike-Air-Max-93-September-2013-1 size-Nike-Air-Max-93-September-2013-2

Adam Scotland

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  • rob

    These look awesome. Although the moniker of ‘Size? Exclusive’ is slowly losing it’s appeal as many of them have started to pop up elsewhere after the Size? releases. Still this shoe looks good!


    yea exclusive and then its in every other store. Size is slippin big time. False advertising, badly run website, poor courier service, uninspired clothing brands. Really not hating but telling the truth.