Music Monday: October Week 2

This week’s Music Monday features music from accross the board with sounds from the likes of Slayer, Mobb Deep and Danny Brown.

01. Skepta – Same Shit Different Day

“Taken from his black listed album. Never really felt skepta before but this album is decent..” – Grizzle

02. Danny Brown – Old (album)

“ A solid album not full of bullshit features and sees Danny Brown rapping to good beats with good flows. Also nice to hear A track produce a hip hop beat for a proper rapper again.” – Grizzle

03. Com Truise – Alpha Beach

“Com Truise’s music never fails to brighten the day up. Alpha Beach is as dreamy as they come and reminds me of sunets, palm trees and beaches. Perfect for getting away from the greyness of Britain for a minute. .” – Chris

04. Slayer – Disintegration/Free Money

“Slayer’s covers album ‘Undisputed Attitude’ was always one of my favourite records from them. They do every song justice and like the whole album, their cover of Verbal Abuse’s Disintegration/Free Money is relentless and as energetic as the originals.” – Chris

05. Mobb Deep – An Eye For An Eye ft. Nas and Raekwon

“For some reason I really start bumping hip hop with this kinda vibe as the Autumn starts to set in. Perfect hip hop for me and some of the best rappers featuring.” – Luke

06. Von D – Show Me ft. Phephe

“French dubstep producer Von D did a beautiful job with this tune a few years back. Always loved this.” – Luke

07. Hard House Banton – Reign

“I’ve had a bit of a reminisce of the old UK Funky days this week. It’s a shame no one is making stuff like this at the moment. Really think we could do with a bit of this vibe back in our lives.” – Luke


Luke Pinot

Co-founder of music blog Bass Ache and an active part of Bristol's music scene, Luke manages our mixtape series as well as contributing to other areas of The Daily Street.

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