indcsn Winter 2013 Collection


indcsn hit hard with a new Winter collection packed with tees, fleece, shirts and jackets, a selection of beanies and three new colours in their Get Fucked socks.

Fan favourite styles that have become staples of the indcsn collection return in new options, including the ‘Sports Logo’ Coaches Jacket (which pays homage to a major 90s sportswear name) in navy and burgundy and two new plaid variations on the Constanza shirt which look excellent. Raglan pullover hoods and crews make up the fleece selection with the hardcore punk references and trademark iconography that have become regular themes from the brand.

The Sports Logo, XXX Logo and Forget The Rest graphics make up the T-shirt selection along with the simple I.C. Longsleeve and the allover print Polka X design in black and navy which are definitely my favourite pieces.

indcsn have put together their most polished collection yet – a solid winter colour palette of black, navy, grey and burgundy with a splash of colour to warm things up. There are more than a few things here that will be going straight on my Christmas list. Take a look at the collection below and head to indcsn to make your purchases.

Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-1    Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-5 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-7 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-8 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-11 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-13 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-14 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-15 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-16 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-17 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-18 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-19 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-20 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-21 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-23 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-24 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-27 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-28 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-29 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-32 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-33 Indcsn-Winter-2013-Collection-34

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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    Weak sauce. Other brands at this level are smashing it and the only reason this brand gets so much recognition on here is because the dude is Adams bredrin.