Moleskine Star Wars 2014 Collection

Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 015

Moleskine once again partner up with Star Wars to create a limited edition collection of themed notebooks and diaries for 2014.

The notebooks feature a quote embossed on the cover and a second printed on the flyleaves along with a print of space, keeping the designs crisp and stylish with plenty of Star Wars references. The diaries are equally as sleek, but image lead rather than text, with the 12 month versions featuring 4 key characters silkscreened onto the black covers with black ink and the 18 month versions featuring an embossed Star Wars logos and sticker pack for you to customise it yourself. Tucked in the back pocket or each you’ll find a folded up poster featuring original film artwork from 1977.

Head over to the Moleskine UK store where most of these are already available to purchase.

Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 005 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 003 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 002 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 004 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 001 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 006 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 007 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 012 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 008 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 011 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 014 Moleskine-Star-Wars-2014-Collection 013

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